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  1. I bet there's lots of people out there that 'scar' easily but they never get or had have a to deal with severe acne. My ex female friend or ex, for example just broke out severely and I can already tells she's going to scar. Prior, she had perfect skin till 22. I feel bad and I never go to suggest her to go on accutane. I hope she figures it out.
  2. @op good for you! Keep updating. Some pictures in odd, indirect lighting would help too. Overall you have good skin tone. Just go easy and don't do too much all at once.
  3. I've read other wise. If no treatments are done to treat them, perhaps it's likely?
  4. A lot better and it only gets better from here. Good stuff.
  5. Tca/phenol cross can help blend the boxcar and ice picks scars with sorrounding healthy tissue and then Subcision to lift overall. High %Glycolic peels or med tca peels for further blending, texture improve and improve overall skin color. I have very similar scarring and this is my plan starting December. I'd get another evaluation as your doc seems to be pushing laser/rf. I think going slower is better and more inexpensive Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pub
  6. Agree. I've got textural issues now.
  7. Man the insane amount of down time this creates. Do people look at you funny? Or are you able cover most of it with tinted sunblock?
  8. You'd benefit from both Subcision suction and or tca/phenol cross. Very textural
  9. I pull red easily and I'm fair skin. So as a guy considering this treatment in 4-5 months, how long would you say the redness in the treated spots lasts?
  10. Appreciate the objective and reporting and approach. Wish expensive treatments (3k++) would be partially refundable if a certain improvement isn't reached after an agreed/suggested period. Would only be fair to both parties but...merica. @superburrito
  11. I was considering doing phenol cross but man the treated skin appears to be very pink. How long does that last? Your earlier treatments suggest a low recovery time. When did you get the most recent treatment done? Also, 6k is a lot. Why not milder chemical or laser pees?
  12. You seem to still break out. You should consider low dose accutane. 5 days straight 20mg/day and then 40mg/week - Dr Rullans protocol. New scarring will diminish effectiveness of future scar revision. You should try the suction method next time around as well. Rf needling will be a waste of money. Stick to Subcision and phenol or suction
  13. Good stuff. Hang in there. What are some foods you've discovered that really help keep your acne at Bay?
  14. How'd you clear your acne 100%? I stalked your earlier post a bit. I really hope you will be satisfied with the results from this procedure which I believe you won't be able to admire until 2+ months out after swelling from the sub, deep peel and the brasion resolves Btw, how old are you if you don't mind? Range works.