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  1. That's not true, there can still be improvement with subcision alone. Also, you can use the cupping technique. Source: meta-studies regarding Subcision
  2. I think that the collagen sculptra creates remains and binds to existing collagen, therby acting as your regular collage and breaking down accordingly. Now, an over stimulation of such is a possible side effect if too much of it is placed. Therefore going to an experienced Dr is your best bet. The actual Sculptra only last a couple of years in the body. Essentially, it's up to your body to see how it will react to the foreign stimulator. If I'm wrong, please someone say so.
  3. Gonna suggest a bit of sculptra for long term and soft filler for immediate.
  4. There's good and bad days. When I'm focused on bettering myself in other aspects besides my physical, I tend to be more productive and feel better. I look forward to improvement in all areas of my life, not just my face. However, I have hope that one day my scarring will be trivial to me and I hope that everyone here dealing with it finds peace and lives a fulfilling life. So you essentially could deduce hope and betterment as my coping method, if you will.
  5. Saw your earlier pics. Deep boxcar and rolling. Wise choice to go for sub and phenol. Good luck!
  6. I was quoted 1750 for Erbium, Subcision and Phenol cross as a package discount. Iirc, Amy said $2200~~ total if done separately. Best to email or call Amy and verify.
  7. Can confirm. Deposited $500 for my treatment in November. Subcision went from 300 to 750 to 1000 to 1250. Seems like high demand is the cause of this.
  8. Keep it up. I suggest you get phenol cross (or tca) to improve large pores and your boxcar as well as your ice pick scars.
  9. I bet there's lots of people out there that 'scar' easily but they never get or had have a to deal with severe acne. My ex female friend or ex, for example just broke out severely and I can already tells she's going to scar. Prior, she had perfect skin till 22. I feel bad and I never go to suggest her to go on accutane. I hope she figures it out.
  10. @op good for you! Keep updating. Some pictures in odd, indirect lighting would help too. Overall you have good skin tone. Just go easy and don't do too much all at once.
  11. I've read other wise. If no treatments are done to treat them, perhaps it's likely?
  12. A lot better and it only gets better from here. Good stuff.
  13. Tca/phenol cross can help blend the boxcar and ice picks scars with sorrounding healthy tissue and then Subcision to lift overall. High %Glycolic peels or med tca peels for further blending, texture improve and improve overall skin color. I have very similar scarring and this is my plan starting December. I'd get another evaluation as your doc seems to be pushing laser/rf. I think going slower is better and more inexpensive Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pub