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  1. Has anyone here had Cooltouch 3 done? I called my derm because she had recomended Cooltouch but when i read about it here i didnt want to have it done because of the negative responses to it. I didnt know if it was a 1 2 or a 3last night but i just called and she said it is the latest there is and the nurse said that cooltouch 1 wasnt that great but cooltouch 2 was alot better and said that cooltouch 3 made major improvements over the other 2 cooltouches.Has anyone here tried it??? i would appre
  2. But it isnt very good either right??
  3. he also said i would have 90 percent improvement after both procedures which i believe is impossible with the 2 treatments combined i have some deeper scars..His nurse also said they just updated the cooltouch 2 weeks ago does anyone know what that may be?? I forgot to ask.... Thanks ricky
  4. My derm is wanting to do a series of 4 cooltouch treatments. He is wanting to do it at a great price for me 375 for all 4.I was reading and everyone here seems against cooltouch His nurse told me that they just finished using cooltouch on a man that had a hair transplant that went bad and the top of his forhead was deeply scarred because the use a punch to get the hair that deep.Anyway she said that after they was done there was only one noticeable one left and it could barely be seen. I just do
  5. yep same kind of acne here too.i have one right now u can see it in the pic i took. i took the pic in bad lighting so it could show my scars at there worse. What the pics dont show is i have scars on my neck from shaving over zits and my forehead is ate up with scars too.Ours fan u said it best when u said i have several acne lesions forming together.one side of my face starts at my eye and the scars go to my chin in a line and about a inch and a half wide.I cant find anyone to do TCA cross or n
  6. Can someone please answer my Questions or is it so bad nobody knows what to say?? its ok u guys can be honest with me
  7. Not all people are fixated by your acne scars as you would be yourself.Im 23 now and i have severe scarring u can look in the gallery and see that but i have a beautiful wife that could be a model if she wanted to .When i tell her about how upset i get about my scars she doesnt understand because to her she doesnt see that bad side i see.. Just keep hope im sure everything will be fine for you.
  8. i posted some new pics guys they are in the gallery could someone please look and tell me what kind of scars they are and the best treatment for them plus if they would be considered moderate or severe thanks in advance ricky
  9. ricky d

    my acne scars

  10. Hey guys i have been doing the vinegar method for 2 weeks now and i see a big improvement everytime i wake up in the morning and the improvement does go away as the day goes on.....I have had dermabrasion tca peels and collagen injects and nothing has worked as good as vinegar...i have rolling scars. I might be able to just do a couple of strong peels when i get done with vinegar and make my scars way less noticeable. also my pitted scars where red and vinegar has made a huge diff in my complexi
  11. thanks for the replys guys.my doc suggested fat from my thighs implanted into the scars and then laser surgery over top of that for a total of 3,500 dollars is that high? I have been doing the vinegar treatment and i can see maybe a 10 percent improvement i have only been doing it a week though.believe it or not i started off with undiluted apple cider 5 and it never burned my skin. i think i will check into subscision thanks alot for all your help ,Ricky
  12. oh well so much for that dream but thanks
  13. Hi, i was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. i have really bad rolling scars .One side of my face i probably have about 30 and they are deep but most are in a line looking like one HUGE scar .The other side i have about 50 scars but they are more shallow. i have had tca peels and dermabrasion nothing has helped.the only thing i think will work is stretching my skin like a face lift cause i can pull my skin tight and there is atleast 80 percent improvement. I asked a plastic surg