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  1. i have to wear either a helmet when i ride my bike and when i get off my cap,even tho its more scars then acne now but still dont like it,i work with this other dutch guy man hes got perfect skin i mean not one scar or anything hes cool tho. btw im more or less the same as doctor_doom,kinda interconnected
  2. try shaving with acne on ur cheeks,lol i dont even shave lol have to use one of those electrical thingis and cant clean shave either
  3. keep using it man,might start to kick in,im fcking depressed too i just broke out again,really annoying, wish u the best of luck, my lucks gone lol hoping to be normal by december, i needa grow my hair back,get rid of scars and acne all by december sum wedding but much larger and lots of people i dont no and lots of bright lights
  4. no no god noooooo argh jst when it was getting clear i get 4 on my forehead and 2 on the left side of my face, and then my mum wonders why im not going to visit my cousins today,wtf how obvious can it be,told her i was sleepy. i swr this shit is gnna take ages *sigh* happy my girlfriend cant see me, even if i wear a cap i have to take it off once i meet them , this sucks,sorry i no this was a bore but really had to vent......... edited lol and one big red scar on my nose
  5. dude if ur having a breakout,so am i ,arghhhh jst when it was going away
  6. lol shit man those lights magnify everything like times a 100
  7. when I was 7 my parents took care of me so I was alright,im 19 im 90% independent except sum funding from parents when its really needed,live in a society where people will criticize the smallest things from ur clothes to ur hair eg my class in university,but yeah i do go jogging in my nightsuit ,its avicious circle but if u stay in it long enuff hopefulyl ul'l escape it. eg cream after cream and hopefully ur skin will b clear, i have a friend who says he dsnt care wht ppl say abt him.yet when h
  8. lmao lol at the last one lol looks alot worse then it is lollll lol damn
  9. sorry didnt no it was ur b'day, happy birthday enjoy urself (sorry cudnt find a decent cake pic
  10. body i guess,i still have a few scars on my back so dnt go swimming till they go,
  11. ur lucky man u got sumone to talk to,my parents are too busy and the people i wud talk to are too far away consider urself very fortunate, very nice of u to buy ur mum sumthing its a good idea,gnna get my mum sumthing once i get money,
  12. yeah man thats her,God works miracles lol, shes really cool and a very nice person gnna start all my treatments again,first girl who actually likes me since my acne started,im lucky when i went to portugal my pimples werent coming as much maybe just one or two so got lucky,but still had scars,had to keep telling her to switch of those fluroscent lights saying it gave me a headache
  13. shes the best ,at lasssssssttttttttttttttt lol she actually likes me lol wtf poor girl ,nah she says i underestimate myself poor her again lol,finally back from portugal and def worth it