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  1. i use this for everything

    I use this soap for everything! When using on my acne I think that this keeps it under control but not completely gone. I have sensitive skin but other than the kinda tight feeling I have had no problems.
  2. Prescribed by Dermo

    I was prescribed this by my dermatologist every morning to try and clear my mild but very stubborn acne. He suggested using this every morning because I use Tretinoin cream every night and the benzoyl peroxide make the cream less effective when used together. I have seen absolutely no difference in my skin other than the fact that I am as red as a lobster after using this and my skin is extremely dry. I would not suggest
  3. Babushka!



    I have mild acne that is very stubborn. In my case this did not clear my skin.. but does feel like your skin is being cleaned.
  4. Babushka!

    still have zits :(

    still have zits :(

    I have been prescribed this countless times over the four year course that I've had acne. This medication has not been successful in clearing my skin. Each time I have been prescribed this it was a three month trial.  Other things to note are: that you CAN NOT take this while on Accutane. I had gotten an infection while at the beach and my Doc almost prescribed this while on Accutane. Huge hassle!
  5. clear skin for about a year

    Hello,  When I was 14 years old (slightly over a year ago) I was prescribed a six month course of isotretinoin by my dermo. It worked great while on it but I had EXTREME back pain to the point that I went to my General Practitioner to check if I had scoliosis. My Dermatologist was hesitant to prescribe so it took me about a year and a half to even start. Now a year later my acne is back and still considered moderate but VERY stubborn and nothing seems to work, so in my case I had clear skin
  6. Babushka!

    Didn't work for me :(

    Didn't work for me :(

    I have been prescribed this twice within two years. First dosage was 100mg once daily and second dosage was 50mg once daily. Both times I have not seen tremendous results. I have hormonal acne that would probably be considered minimal to moderate but is very stubborn.