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  1. Looks like your healing nicely, congrats! How are you doing now?
  2. I apply it at night , and leave on my face until the morning when I take a shower.
  3. Did you use it over your whole face? How much skin peeled? Was it like peeling a sunburn?
  4. Thanks for sharing about the cyst. I pick at mine as well and know exactaly how a little "invisible" flesh colored bump can turn into a dysfigured face in a matter of minutes. I will try the honey since I have a few on my face at the moment. Thanks again for sharing and helping others out.
  5. I've been doing self needling for a few weeks now with a 1.5 derma roller. I don't press hard enough to make it bleed. Just enough to get a pink flush. I roll back and forth 20 times one way then 20 times the opposite way then 20 times across. Afterward I rub zinc cream on my face. This has yielded much improvement. I have acne scars the size of an eraser head on my cheek and they've raised about 75%. Got a little more to go but I'm hoping that in the next mo. they'll be healed. I roll every nig
  6. For me it seems to help red marks heal faster. I still have them, just less noticeable. It has been the best thing I have used so far to help keep acne away and to dry up current breakouts. I highly recommend using.
  7. I've been using lemon juice neat on my face to clear my adult acne. It's been working very well. I was wondering if there's a way to mix lemon juice with either alcohol or TTO to keep in a spray bottle in my bathroom. Because currently I have to keep the juice refrigerated to keep it fresh.I use the big bottles of lemon juice you buy in the store. It says to refrigerate after opening. Any ideas?
  8. Take aleve 2x a day. til it goes away. Also lemon juice on it 2x a day should help with the redness. Icing it 2x a day may also help reduce swelling. Attack it from all sides.
  9. I've been using lemon juice on my face everynight. Its been helping alot better than anything else I've tried. I get hormonal acne and always have a dozen or so nodules on my face at a time. Now I get 1 or 2. ( If I didn't pick at my face there would be almost nothing.) I've been on lemon juice since Oct. and I've seen the best improvement. I'm hoping to be spot free by christmas. Plus it's cheap and easy to use. It's worth a try. Good luck.
  10. Neosporin comes in a cream. You can just rub it in and leave it on.
  11. OK, let me cut to the chase here, I'm going to be 40 in a few months, and have had severe cystic acne since I was about 12...so for a VERY long time! I've been to many dermatologists, and various treatments, medications, etc. throughout my life. I stumbled upon something a couple months ago, to eliminate all milk and dairy from my diet. This has gone very well, however, a couple weeks ago, I felt a couple of cystic bumps rising up on my forehead for no apparent reason. I happened to wake up and
  12. The same thing happens to me. I peel really badly on my nose. Just like you, its right before my period and ends with it. I use the tape method to get rid of it. I just started to use selsun blue to wash my face, it contains 3% salicylic acid . I don't have dandruff though. I'm hoping the larger concentration of acid will help with exfoliation. :catdance: