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  1. hey u should try this bp called zapzyt..it's a really strong bp but it worked really well for me..only use it as a spot treatment..DON'T use too much or else it will burn your skin and make it worse since that's gonna clog things up..only use a small amount and rub in into the skin and it should be invisible..it's cheap too so you should just give it a shot
  2. yay! i found it! i'm gonna try this. i already have tons of lemons because for a while i was going to do the lemonade diet to do a master cleanse...i dont need to loose a POUND (LOL) but i was thinking maybe it was something that needed to be cleaned from the inside...thanks kandy4u!

    1. Heyyyy everyone out there with acne..if you feel like you've tried everything that nothing has worked, give this regimen a try..it might give you your life back, like how it did me!! Just to give you a little history about me.. History I've been suffering from acne for about 8-9 years...I remember when I was young, when my acne got really bad, I wouldn't be able to look at people straight in the face and my friends would always ask me why I never looked at them..it was so embarrassing. I star