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  1. Currently taking 80 mgs but want to switch to 40 due to mental side effects- would this switch in dosage cause another breakout?
  2. you should get complex 15 moisturizer its the best out their i had the same situation, your oil production is about to basically cease so you should get a good moisturizer and use it occasionally
  3. hahaha i don't usually post or anything, i mostly just read through the accutane forums but this is so obvious that ferro just changed her member name to Vanessa1989, not that thats a big deal or a bad thing, ( i probably would to if i asked if masturbating in a bathtub decreases the effectiveness of accutane) but the same diction paranoid questions lead me to believe that. am I right?? (notice the trademark multiple question marks)
  4. I was in the same basic situation as both of you, my acne was even more mild if you can believe it but it was very persistant and even though my skin did have bad major breakouts I always had trouble areas where the pimples just never went away. So what I tried to do was ask my derm about accutane, but what happened to me is as soon as I brought it up my derm would say something like you def don't need it or how about this treatment even though I HAD TRIED EVERYTHING. So what I did was realize t
  5. You say your prescription was four months, i am getting accutane soon and am wondering how long my course would be- im 160 pounds and 18 years old male- i know its up to the doctor or whatever but im just wondering if you'd have a clue cause id really like it to be only four months
  6. Hello everyone, I will be taking Accutane shortly and I am aware of all the side effects but I had heard there are certain supplements such as fish oil and grape seed oil and stuff like that to reduce the redness and excess drying. Some other supplements are said to help joint and bone strength. It Would be very appreciated if anyone could write a list of supplements that they are taking or have heard about people taking while on Accutane, and exactly what those supplements do.