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  1. hmm... interesting. I'd like to hear more about it! Does anyone have pictures yet?
  2. Well... after going through reviews I decided to take the plunge and order products today. I hope I made the right decision. I'm just a bit desperate. I'm tired of my crappy skin..ugghh...
  3. Hey how is the Derma E Scar Gel working still? Are your marks gone now?
  4. I only use Purpose cleanser which is considered a very gentle cleanser, just like the one Dan's is. How can you get simpler than that, other than just water? And I've been using SA for over a year now, I know its not making my skin worse. Thank you for your suggestions though.
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions! For now I decided to just spot treat the pimples I have and continue my current routine, but if things don't shape up I am going to take the plunge. I will let you know in a few weeks! Thank you all again!
  6. Hi! I'm thinking about going on the DKR regimen... but I'm kinda scared to becuz my left cheek (where I have red marks) has been clear for quite a while now... so my red marks are finally starting to really fade. So you can hardly see them and I'm just afraid that if I start the DKR regimen my cheek will flare up again during the first few weeks. I also would only do BP at night at first, and my skin isn't used to BP... I've been using SA for a year now.. but I can't ever get completely clear.
  7. Does that mean it has or hasn't? I'm not sure where you enthusiasm is directed there sorry, haha.. I HOPE it means that it has.
  8. I am kind of starting to believe this myself. I think the only thing that helps with red marks is time and exfoliation. I think exfoliating helps speed up getting rid of the red marks. But there is only so much exfoliation that we can do at a time. So that is where time takes place... and of course the worse the red mark.. the more time it takes. So I think the only thing you can do is Exfoliate and keep your skin hydrated.
  9. Well, I ordered this on Ebay for a little over $13 bucks. So i'll give it a shot, and let you all know how it goes.
  10. Well, today is week 11. Things are still going pretty good. I still got a couple zits this week, but I think a lot of it was becuase I started using something new topically. I decided to kinda of change up my regimen again by not using Dan's AHA+ for a lilttle while (maybe I'll try it again later) and instead incorporating 100% Tea Tree Oil and mixing it with my jojoba oil to help with bacteria which should help with the couple of pimples I'm getting a week. I'm still contemplating Trying Avon
  11. Where can you buy Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil? I'm interested in using it as a toner.
  12. I was trying Dan's AHA+ but after a month it seemed like it was just making my face worse. Since Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel and Dan's AHA+ both have Glycolic Acid in it do you think it will help if Dan's didn't?
  13. Hmm.. might be worth trying. I cant decide if I want to try Green Cream or this...
  14. Well, today is week 10, unfortunately im still getting a couple pimples through out the week.. but I've seen more improvement with this so I'll keep it for another month in a half or so, maybe even longer.. maybe I just need to find something topically that works better for me... who knows.. My family has commented though how much my skin has improved. I have noticed too.. over the summer my redmarks have faded so they are barely noticable in some places.. I can't wait till they are all gone.
  15. Well, yesterday was the first day of week 9. Things are still going good for me. I haven't gotten a new inflamed pimple this week *Cross my fingers* Two of my comedomes are going away on my forehead. And the couple of pimples I got last week are almost completely gone.. so I'm pretty happy.. I'll keep you updated on weeks to come.
  16. I was reading on a website how important a retinoid can be for your skin. And awhile back I was using Green Cream, a gentler form of a retinoid, but I got off it due to my regimen change and now i'm thinking to get back on it to help with my skin tone... BUT I'm just not sure if I can use it in conjunction with Dan's AHA + ??? Would it be safe to use the retinoid at night and Dan's AHA in the morning or would it be too much?? Thanks for your help.
  17. Just wondering Lili21 if you are still keeping up with this and how your skin is now?? Kinda thinking of giving it a try.
  18. Two days ago was the beginning of week 8. Things are still going pretty good. I was hoping I would have stopped breaking out completely by now, but unfortunately I got a new inflamed pimple by my mouth and 2 other little pimples in my jawline area.... I'm not sure if there was pimple like properties already there and they are just finally purging through (or however you want to call it) But... Maybe within the next month things will be completely clear. I can only hope If anyone has any sug
  19. Ok, well thank you for your reply. I will continue to use Dan's AHA+ in the morning only. I'm just wondering if anyone experienced a slight purging experience at first? I'll continue using it no matter what, becuz I do really like it.
  20. So, I started using Dan's AHA+ about 2 weeks ago. I like how it goes on and everything. However, I dont feel the "stinging" that everyone else does. Also, It seems like my skin is getting blotchier and I was hoping that Dan's AHA+ would help with my blotchiness since its an exfoliator... also can you get some mild purging using the AHA+? I've just been getting pimples here and there and was wondering if it was just Dan's AHA+ working. Would a month be a good amount of time to see some improve