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  1. I have been drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea a day for 6 months and i can definitely say that my face is a lot less oily. I can for sure attribute this to spearmint tea since my skincare+ lifestyle has remained the same. But it doesn't magically clear acne. I have to be diligent about my skincare routine too. So I would say that it is worth giving it a try if your have mild acne and oily skin. If it is severe, i guess it won't help you.
  2. Yes and stop putting coconut oil and vitamin e on your face, they are comedogenic. Then you'll see if it gets better. Of not, it may be fungal.
  3. You have to choose one without natural oils, mineral oils, and without silicone (unless it is very low in silicone, that is to say you don't find it on the first 5 of the ingredient list). You can easily find hydrating still light serums that contain hyaluronic acid, glycerin and other humectants, like the ordinary ha. Glossier super pure is also great. On top, if your skin still feels tight, you can layer a gel-consistency moisturiser to lock in the moisture. That is the best way to go. Indeed
  4. What kind of acne do you have? Do you need help to find an effective skincare routine or do you need to talk about how you are feeling about it?
  5. Seems like you have enlarged pores. You didn't say what skincare products you have already tried. Have you tried glycolic acid peels? I think it is a good way to start before any laser treatment at the derm. Just start with low percentages, keep building it and wait a few minutes (like 10-20 min) before applying any other products on top. Besides that, hydration and spf is a must . Try to incorporate a niacinamide serum (like the ordinary one) since it has shown to be effective in pore size redu
  6. Try salycilic acid on your nose, like the ordinary bha serum, twice or once a day. It helped me a lot with sebaceous filaments on my nose too, i know how frustating it is. Also, if you are a girl, you can add a transparent mineral powder on your nose in the morning to absorb the oil, in order to prevent your pores to become more blocked. In fact, no. If you are taking accutane, your skin must be very dry. It didn't read you were taking it. It will most likely go on its own. Don't try salycil
  7. I know that sometimes it is easier to tell people to stay positive than it is in real life. I just want to say that acne is often temporary. I remember that there was a boy in my class at school who had really severe acne. A few years later there was nothing left (only some hardly noticeable scars). It is not selfish, stupid or superficial to feel depressed because of acne. It is a real condition. You derm will probably give you an appropriate regimen. Maybe he will advise you to go o
  8. Or course it is. And you have to use one. Hyaluronic acid is not comedogenic. Make sure that the other ingredients are also not comedogenic (no silicone, no comedogenic oil, no mineral oil etc.). Glossier super pure serum is a good hydrator. ( or the ordinary ha and niacinamide+zinc). The good thing with serums is that you can't be afraid it gives you blocked pores. If your skin is still itchy, maybe you will need something heavier on top like a light cream. Ren clearcalm gel cream is good. It
  9. hello, I also suffered from an acne which was a little similar to yours, until I also found a proper skincare regime. so here are my opinions, based on years doing experimenting with skincare: ----morning: a cleasing oil is realing good because it dissolves any oil-based impurities and because it is very gentle, but you have to follow it with a very gentle gel cleanser (when i say gentle, i mean "non foaming"), especially because you have oily skin and because the oil cleanser can
  10. I wanted to post this topic in order to see if anyone has had the same experience and to share what i did to fix my severe oily skin. Let's start with saying that i have had minor acne (mainly retentional acne) since the age of 13 (I am 21 now), which i succesfully treated with a proper chemical exfoliation (AHA and BHA) and light hydration routine. I also am female. I still deal with the occasional tiny pimple but I guess everyone does. The problem was, I had STILL severe oily skin. I mean