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  1. Laser is better for rosacea. For broken capillaries, they are the only option. Excel V and v beam lasers seem to be the best. I have only one excel V and got really good results. Planning to do one more session but worth the money.
  2. Any exfoliants, even mild one can irritate your skin. You can try to use a good layer of oil free moisturiser (very important) like the facetheory supergel m3 before your azelaic acid to act like a "buffer" and slowly increase the frequency, starting once/twice a week. Azelaic acid has shown to be the best active for rosacea and acne rosacea when tolerated. That why it is often prescribed by dermatologist before anything else. Otherwise avoid any strong actives like acids and retinols during tha
  3. Even if you have dry skin, you should be careful about putting occlusive products on your skin if you are acne prone since they have the ability to clog pores and agravate existing acne. You seem to have mostly retentional acne, which is a good point since it's easier yo treat. Switch your oil cleanser to a foaming one like cerave hydrating cleanser. Or do a double cleanse but believe me, if there is a tiny left over from the oil, it does more harm than good so try to stay away from it for
  4. Maybe you are not moisturising your skin enough before the sunscreen. It happens with me too if i do that because it is a little bit mattyfing. Otherwise cosrx shield fit all green comfort spf50 is an other one. If your skin is irritated, stick to mineral sunscreens.
  5. Niacinamide and green tea are two ingredients thay have been shown to reduce sebum production so look for them when you buy a serum or moisturiser. Facetheory supergel m3 has both. Cosrx ac moisturiser is an other option. Also, exfoliating a few times a week with a bha 2% helps unclogs the pores which leads to less comedones and breakouts. Bha has also been shown to slow oil production. Look for paula's choice lotion for ex. if you have the money, invest in a sonic silicone brush or skin spatula
  6. Switch to purito comfy water sunscreen. Maybe try cosrx green tea aqua gel cream / cosrx ac moisturizer/facetheory supergel m3 in lieu of cerave for lotion. Try a bha lotion from paula's choice to help with your closed comedones. Begin with a couple times a week, build from there if your skin is tolerant. Maybe you will purge a few weeks ( pimples have to come to the surface) before your skin becomes clear again.
  7. Azelaic acid is a really mild exfoliant which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin but it is has also anti microbial properties. It is mostly helpful for people with rosacea and acne rosacea ( google it on the internet). If your acne is truly cystic, you could not see any drastic difference and benefit more from retinoids ( retinol, differin, or retin a from the dermatologist) along with you bp or from internal medications. Also try zinc supplements and low vitamin a, maybe probiotics,
  8. Are you really sure that you have excess testosterone? Having acne does not always mean you have it in excess, sometimes it is just that your sebaceous glands react more than usual to normal amount of testosterone. Generally speaking, excess testosterone in the body is often linked with external indicators but the best and safest way is to check with your doctor. If that's the case you can try spearmint supplements or tea. There are a few promising studies about this but everything in moderation
  9. Pores size are genetic but they can appear larger than their natural size. It happens a lot when you have oily skin and debris (sebaceous filaments/blackheads) filling your pores and stretching them overtime. It that is the case, which seems to be on your nose, making sure your pores are clear will enable them to shrink overtime. If you are finished with accutane, ask your derm for a prescription retinoid. This is the best product recommended by derms to clear pores and build collagen which, ov
  10. Overtime, studies have shown that it is the case. However, you could benefit instant results when paired with topicals containing niacinamide and green tea extract for example.
  11. Seems like retentional acne for the most part but your skin is not bad. Switch your glycolic to salicylic 2%( paula's choice bha lotion is a good one) since bha is oil soluble meaning is goes deep into your pores. And let the lotion really sink into your skin a couple of minutes before moisturising. Adapt the frequency to your skin sensitivity and build from there. Make sure your clanser is sulfate-free (too irritant) and add a simple gel moistuiser without any pore clogging ingredients like f
  12. I also have been on differin a long time ago (now on retin a) and yes, for some people, i have heard some dermatologists say that even this is rare, the purge can last longer. But given what you say about retin a, i would move up to retin a if I were you. I would make this process much quicker and retin a is more effective than differin. You can have retin a in online prescription sites (be carefull otherwise) if you don't have access to your derm. You can still use bp products in a wash or in
  13. Maybe differin is not strong enough for you and you have to move up to retin a, or maybe your acne does not respond the most to retinoids (but note that for some people, the purging lasts more than 4 months) and you could try over the counter bp products. I would not stop differin if you want to use bp though since they work at different levels. (Some prescriptions even mix adapalene and bp). Start with a low percentage (less than 5%) maybe in cleanser( cerave) and then in a leave-on form. Sin
  14. Do you suffer from cystic acne? Is it the kind of pimples that takes a lot of time to come to the surface if they do? I have been looking into your cleanser. This is not the best, really and there are no active ingredients to help acne. I really think you will benefit much more from a benzoyl peroxyde wash at a small percentage (less than 5%) a couple times a week like cerave acne foaming wash. Bp is a very powerful antibacterial (more than the azelaic) and in a wash form, your skin will to
  15. Just make sure if you choose mineral powder that it is only mineral, that is to say it only contains silica, titanium dioxyde, zinc oxyde, mica, iron oxydes maybe some kaolin, corn starch and various plant extracts and that's it. No talc, no oils and coconut derivatives ( coco caprylate, caprylic triglyceride, alkanes...) which are often found in mineral powders to offer a "glide" and no silicones. In general when you buy skincare: no oils, no coconut derivatives, no mirenal oil, fragrance free