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  1. I actually tried tanning before to cover red marks and it didn't make them look better at all, even in the short run. They remained red through the tan and the darkest spots actually took on a bit of a brownish colour so they looked even more prominent, and on top of that, the sun made my skin very oily and caused a few pimples to begin to form. Anyone with scarring or hyperpigmentation should wear a strong sunblock on their face whenever they plan on being exposed to the sun. If someone is con
  2. I think its safe to assume people see you in whatever light you're standing under....
  3. As sad and undesirable as it may be, suicide is a fact of life. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it if the person is sincerely suffering and can see no way out. I don't think it's a selfish act unless you have children who are depending on you to take care of them. That said, I don't really think acne scars are a viable reason for suicide. There are plenty of treatment options and chances are they can be reduced significantly, if not removed entirely, even if it costs several thousand doll
  4. TriReduction, yes for mild scarring and hyperpigmentation.
  5. By the way, it's normal to still get mild acne after accutane. I did 4 months of 80mg and I still get small pimples every once in a while but they go away quickly if I put some benzoyl peroxide cream on them. Don't try to force feed it to yourself hoping that you'll never get a pimple again, because it'll probably just cause additional damage. It also shouldn't be a problem for you to start using some mild acids and copper peptides on your scars.