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    1. Thank you. I did as you suggested and applied neosporin and clotrimazole cream, which immediately spread my breakout to other parts of my face and neck. It was terrible- I must have had a hundred of those pustules sticking out of my face. I think the greasy neosporin did it, really. I do have very sensitive skin susceptible to breakouts. My skin was so bad then that I immediately went to a new derm who diagnosed me with folliculitis and suggested an antibiotic Levaquin, which got rid of t
    2. These are not milia. They are tiny, white, pus-filled papule-like things with little or no redness. They can be pricked easily, sometimes accidentally, but often recur in the same spots. Some people get them in clusters. I have seen other people mention them on the other threads but so far no positive results. I got mine sometime after I switched sunscreens (Vichy to a cheap one) and they were only around my jaw, but even after I stopped using the problem sunscreen they persisted and sprea
    3. I have the exact same type of bumps. They started two years ago when I switched sunscreens, but even after switching back they are just not disappearing! Started around the jaw, now have spread to cheeks, forehead, chin.. They persist, spread sometimes, disappear within a day only to reappear in the morning. I went to a derm who said my 10 year old acne was starting to come back(??) but the stuff she prescribed did not help. I haven't taken any of the above antibiotics. But switching sunscreens