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  1. The mupirocin-based treatment lasts a maximum of 15 days, which seems to be the period necessary to kill the bacteria lodged in the nose and ears for good. In my opinion, staph infection finds its refuge in the nose and ears. It will then spread to the face and create bacterial folliculitis and will therefore infect the hairy areas around the mouth and nose. The skin to defend itself against the bacteria will create this oil because it seems that the staphylococcus dries out the skin
  2. hey @Scrubdaddy @UnkemptGround I know what it is guys, I've been trying for 3 days now to put Bactroban in my nose and ears. I don't want to get too optimistic too fast, but it seems to be working. My skin is no longer oily, pimples don't appear. I sincerely think that you should do some tests like an analysis to be really sure what it is. Like you said, staph infection is the first suspect, but it could be something else. Something that really helps for the face is to us
  3. Hey, guys, I'm coming back with some promising information. I went to see my doctor and he confirmed what I saw on this post and on different internet sources. Many of us suffer from a staphylococcus infection, this very resistant and inflammatory bacterium is lodged inside the nose but also in the ears. It is very contagious and develops on bedding and also on bath towels. To get rid of it it's necessary to use different topical products such as mupirocin or face wash with chlorexid
  4. I've already read this, so many different tips... What really works against these fucking pimples? I saw on this thread that some people use antifungal soaps like sulphur, others still use benzoyl peroxide. I'm really desperate for this problem guys..
  5. Hi everyone I hope someone can help me and answer me because I have the same condition and I can't get out of it... Does anyone finally have the answer to this problem? Is it related to the intestines and a compromised immune system or is it a staphylococcus aureus infection in the nose that gives acne? Please someone who has solved this problem effectively can enlighten me on this condition...?
  6. I think it's some kind of fungal acne, I have exactly the same problem. White pimples on my chin, near my nose. They seem to flare up when I eat too much sugar, carbohydrates in general. I'm pretty sure it's related to the intestines or a compromised moisture barrier. Has anyone been able to control this problem on this forum? At the moment I don't use anything, not even a moisturizer. Any advice is welcome.
  7. Hello everyone, I finally had the courage to fly to Denmark this week to start treating my scars with Emil, ( I thank BA for guiding me ) Big painful session of subcision with filler, and TCA CROSS to finish, (my cheeks are very swollen and painful) I would like to have healing advice and post-treatment recommendations 1) Is intensive sports practice (weight training, running) an obstacle to healing? ( based on your own experiences) 2) during the healing period is it better t
  8. Hi everyone, After asking @belle ambition for advice I decided to create my own topic to get more feedback and opinions, I’ve had these acne scars for almost a year now, they appeared as a result of my skin aggression with overly aggressive products that gave me acne, I think my skin have been completely dehydrated and could not heal properly.. I don’t know if my scars are severe or good, but I don’t have a big deep hollow, , but full of small strokes set back like little ice pic
  9. Very impressive, congratulation! @Cleopatra88 How do you control acne now? I mean Scar treatments are so aggressive, so what products or methods do you use to keep your skin '' healthy '' ? Excuse my english languages skills i'm from french ! :-)