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  1. Hi everyone I hope someone can help me and answer me because I have the same condition and I can't get out of it... Does anyone finally have the answer to this problem? Is it related to the intestines and a compromised immune system or is it a staphylococcus aureus infection in the nose that gives acne? Please someone who has solved this problem effectively can enlighten me on this condition...?
  2. I think it's some kind of fungal acne, I have exactly the same problem. White pimples on my chin, near my nose. They seem to flare up when I eat too much sugar, carbohydrates in general. I'm pretty sure it's related to the intestines or a compromised moisture barrier. Has anyone been able to control this problem on this forum? At the moment I don't use anything, not even a moisturizer. Any advice is welcome.
  3. Hello everyone, I finally had the courage to fly to Denmark this week to start treating my scars with Emil, ( I thank BA for guiding me ) Big painful session of subcision with filler, and TCA CROSS to finish, (my cheeks are very swollen and painful) I would like to have healing advice and post-treatment recommendations 1) Is intensive sports practice (weight training, running) an obstacle to healing? ( based on your own experiences) 2) during the healing period is it better t
  4. Bonjour à tous! Je vais bientôt prendre rendez-vous avec le Dr Emil pour avoir un bon mélange de sous-divisions, de croix tca et de croix RF needling / TCA pour la texture finale, je tiens à vous remercier encore une fois. @ belle ambition pour son aide, Je voudrais mettre toutes les chances de mon côté pour obtenir le meilleur% d’amélioration, et il est troublant de voir toutes les choses que les gens peuvent faire pendant leurs voyages de traitement des cicatrices (ent
  5. Hi everyone, After asking @belle ambition for advice I decided to create my own topic to get more feedback and opinions, I’ve had these acne scars for almost a year now, they appeared as a result of my skin aggression with overly aggressive products that gave me acne, I think my skin have been completely dehydrated and could not heal properly.. I don’t know if my scars are severe or good, but I don’t have a big deep hollow, , but full of small strokes set back like little ice pic
  6. Very impressive, congratulation! @Cleopatra88 How do you control acne now? I mean Scar treatments are so aggressive, so what products or methods do you use to keep your skin '' healthy '' ? Excuse my english languages skills i'm from french ! :-)