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  1. glycolic acid 30% cannot be beaten. trust me ive tried them all
  2. im uing all of dans products, and no make-up (im a guy!)
  3. yeah im still using 2 full pumps...grrrr
  4. about 2 weeks ago I had 1 active pimple and about 4 others that were dried up. 2 weeks on, 6 weeks into the regimen I now have a bunch of active pimples and around 20 little spots and stuff. What the f*ck!?!? this was how it was before I started! its hormonal acne btw.
  5. waste of time. antibiotic!
  6. sh*t i got that on the nose. and after it went it left a nice patch of post inflammatory. hope it doesnt happen to you xx
  7. i got loads of those, or had. and when i applied bp i couldnt sweat cos it ran down my neck and made it flakey as hell. as with all my pimples now, i use tea tree oil.
  8. laxxer


    interested to know also
  9. i have been using dkr for about 3 weeks now and all my inflammatory acne has gone except for some around my mouth. the red dots left behind dont seem to be going anywhere though and it looks embarrassing. should i keep using bp? im 16 btw...
  10. what are you like 300lbs
  11. sterilise a needle and shove it through the b*stard
  12. morning: dan's regimen evening: cleanse with dans's cleanser apply differin moisturise apply sudocrem just wondering if its ok...nearly all of my acne is red marks...