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  1. From the album: my pics!

    My face showed really good results on the second and third day then on the fourth I forgot to moisturise in the evening and my face is now dry and looks abit red. Most of my spots have gone and the ones left are decreasing daily. Iv also noticed that my red marks are reducing.
  2. I am using a neutrogena one with a spf 15! non comd...... that thing that means it wont clog ur pores!
  3. After four days on the regimin I can already see results but last nite I fell asleep while waiting to put onmy moisturiser and alday 2day my face has been dry and scailing. Iv applied moisturiser 4 times through out the day but it is still dry. Should I still apply bp tonight even though my face is dry and does anybody know how to stop the dryness? Thanks Steven.
  4. I practice martial arts all the time to keep my mind off it. And its also good to take out any anger I have when fighting someone. :twisted: I also listen to music.
  5. got mine in 5. It was despatched tuesday arrived on saturday. Im in england!
  6. KSW-MAD!

    Another one!

    From the album: my pics!

    Me again!
  7. KSW-MAD!

    A pic of me!

    From the album: my pics!

    I am not using any treatment @ the moment as I am waiting for my bp gel to arrive from Dan so I am letting my skin calm down abit before using it. Steven.
  8. Thanks, ordered mine lst nite so should be shipped 2day! Steven.
  9. If I was to order Dans bp gel from this site how long would it take to be dilevered to the uk? Thanks Steven.