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  1. Well im meeting a girl on saturday and last time she saw me i had no spots what so ever and i was wearing makeup aswell. Yes i am a guy. I now have spots and cant use powder to cover them up as u can still tell you have them. works well for red marks tho. I hope she still likes me even tho i have sum spots. she has perfect skin btw. Steven.
  2. when I started getting acne at age 12 i asked my mum to get me sum clearasil and she said no cos i only had about ten spots. she said and I can quote her exact words even from five years ago "I will get you some when it is bad enough to worry about it" Il never forgive her for that because i have now got bad red marks and a few indented scars. Im so pissed off at the moment. Iv benn putting off accutane for about 5 months now but i think its time for me to go on it now. If i keep getting more sp
  3. I didnt use much bp before i started only on spots that i got. not many atall. I stopped using my diffren cream at night time tho and still used small amounts of bp in the morning. It has really PISSED me off. Im still contemplating wether to go on accutane or not. My derm has given me that option if i want. My face is really red all over aswell. Looks like i will be back to using makeup when I go out now. I have two indented scars which were red before i started then they went normal colour now
  4. Well iv been doing the red mark regimin for about six days now and iv seen sum good results. But over the last couple of days i have broken out with about ten spots some of them white heads over night. This hasnt happend in ages. I dont know if it is the regimin that has done it? Anyone else had this happen to them? Steven.
  5. KSW-MAD!

    another left.

    Thanks. I have learnt to wait. I have had acne since i was twelve, but not always as bad as in the bad pictures. I am now seventeen. I am very lucky as now the spots have gone I can see that i will only have about two scars over my whole face. . I hope your acne treatment goes aswell as mine has. Take care, Steven.
  6. I love the green tea toner. It is helping reduce the redness quite a bit so far. I will be updating my pictures in the gallary in two or three days time. This will be about a week after i started using it. I will then wait another week and update again. My skin also looks alot more healthy than it did before i started using it. Take care, Steven.
  7. Should i put the green tea toner on before or after my prescribed acne cream? Im doing it after at the moment and then moistureising. Is this correct. Thanks, Steven.
  8. From the album: An update.

    My derm thinks im growing out of it. So do I. About 5 spots a month at the most. and they go really quickly aswell.
  9. KSW-MAD!

    An update.

    Pics wen bad and pics wen better!
  10. KSW-MAD!

    Right side.

    From the album: An update.

    This is my worst side and i have to little indented scars. Grrr.
  11. KSW-MAD!

    Better left.

    From the album: An update.

    all the next pics were taten on the 9th of january. I now use diffren 0.1 percent at night and duac on any spots that i get in the morning. I hardly get any now. woo. Iv been using these for about 5 months. I now use green tea and vit c toner every morning. i also moisturerise with a spf of 15.
  12. KSW-MAD!

    right side.

    From the album: An update.

    same again for this one.
  13. From the album: An update.

    I was using dans regimin at this time.
  14. Well I have seen results using the green tea toner. It has reduced the redness of my face and the most noticble improvement is two red marks that were darker than the others have now lightened in colour. This stuff is good. Steven.
  15. Hi, I had a gallery up on her ages ago and wanted to put sum updated pics on it but it wouldnt do it. So I tried to make a new one and it still wouldnt do it. Any one else have this problem? Take care, Steven.
  16. This is good stuff!! . I used an egg white and lemon juice mask then put on the green tea and vit c toner and it has reduced the overall redness of my face and the red marks aswell a little bit and this was the first time i used it and my skin is also very smooth. woo! LOL. Will keep updating as I go along. woo! Take care, Steven.
  17. Hi, I was just wonderin if it is ok to use bicarbonate of soda my red marks then use the green tea and vitamin c toner on my skin? Thanks for any help. Take care, Steven.
  18. hi ATREYU, I dont use that stuff in my hair when it is wet. I dry it first then put the stuff in and blow dry it. My hair is also very thin so thats why it stays straight. steven. And hair gel doesnt make me brake out because i make sure I dont get any on my skin.
  19. I just got out the shower so my hair is still wet. I use alberto balsam invisible hold styling gel on my hair then I blow dry it with a hair dryer and it stays stright and shiney. Steven.
  20. KSW-MAD!

    my pics!

    pics of me and my acne!
  21. From the album: my pics!

    Face is looking better. I still ave spots but they arnt as red and are dissapearing daily. I also had an outbreak yesterday so that wasnt fun but it is already starting to clear.
  22. Thanks for the comment falnhart. . Will have another pic up soon. Steven.
  23. Instead of patting ur skin dry before applying bp gel would it be ok to dry my skin with a hair dryer because if u use a towl then you could spread bacteria from the time you used it before and if other people use the towl aswell u could get other bacteria.
  24. Thanks for the advice the dryness has clmed down abit now, although I did have to moisturise 8 times yesterday! I will be out bying another moisturiser tomorra. Thanks.