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  1. I take six tablets of the HRI tablets a day my skin is getting better. Spots are going down and redmarks are becoming lighter. My overall complexion where i dont have spots is more even. I had sever acne but would say it is moderate now. These tablets are good. I also use duac in morning and diffren at night. Also drink green tea to help out, and it tastes good. lol. I love them, it might not help with spots as I cant tell as I use the bp and duac but it has changed my skin since I have taken them. WOO! Steven.

  2. Iv had these for ages and never used them. I started using them at double the dosage. six a day instead of three. my skin is lookin more white and i have a more even skin tone. This is with three days worth. I have done nothing diffrent to my skin than I normally do, I have just taken these tablets.

    The active ingredients are-

    Dry extract from 90mg burdock root (30mg).

    Dry extract from 90mg blue flag (30mg).

    Sarsaparilla bpc (1949) 30mg.

    Other ingredients are-


    dicalcium phosphate

    calcium carbonate

    purified talc

    titanium dioxide

    magnesium stearate

    croscarmellose sodium




    carnauba wax

    I got them from holland and barratt at around £3:50 for 50 tablets. Has anyone else had results the same as this from this product?


  3. I used tetracycline for about six months and i had good results. woo! Then my mum said I should give them a rest as to many antibiotics could do ya in. Well after that I tried zineret which didnt work. Then I tried dans regimin, didnt work. Then i went to my derm for accutane and he put me on duac and differin for three months to decided if I wanted to go on tane. I went back after three months and i hadnt had an active pimple for a month so i said i didnt want tane. Now for months later i keep breaking out some spots are bad and some arnt. Most arnt too bad. I dont really want togo on tane and dont think that my acne is bad enough for it any more. I am going to go to my doctor and ask for him to put me on either oxytetracycline or minocycline. I had good results from the oxytetracycline and was thinking I should go back on that. Does any one thimk this would be a good idea or should I ask to go on the minocycline? Has anyone tried both? I would really need to know which one shows the best results in keeping active acne clear?

    Thanks in advance,


  4. I tried dans regimin and it worked up to a point then i started geting blisters from the bp gel. I stopped using it and they went i now use a bp called duac from the doctors which sucks doesnt work likes dans does but doesnt give me blisters. Im now concidering accutane again but when my doctor 1st reccomended me to my derm for it my acne was much worse than it is now. I dont kow if he will still put me on it. Im going to my doctors to see if he will give me some oxytetracycline to keep me going untill i can see my derm. AARGH! madness.

  5. Yeah maby it might help with my spots but I dont think my girlfriend would be too happy.AARGH! Doin my head in. Acnesuckslikewoe, iv looked into castration and they dont do it on the national health service and it cost too much for me to have it done on the black market. lol

    Thanks anyway.

  6. I have noticed that over the past couple of weeks my sex drive levels have been really high and I have broken out bad. I am 17 years old so naturally I will have a high sex drive. For about a month a little while ago I had no sex drive at all. I didnt even get an erection for like a month. lol. Over that period of time I had no spots at all just red marks. I thought I might be starting to get rid of my acne completely but it has come back along with the high sex drive. evil.gif Is there any thing I can take to lower my sex drive? Also has anyone seen similar connections between sex drive and acne?