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  1. PLS let us know what suction method you used. how do we buy the machine?
  2. yes they are still filling in, less noticable, I am going for my third subcision in a month or so. feeling pretty excited. when i had my subcision . I literally broke about 2 canullas from the heavy fibrosis. I am going to get 2 more and Ill go from there. hyaluronic acid , I will get my next treatment september 7th. 3rd subcision
  3. how far apart where the sessions did you need for the rolling scars to dissappear? and how long did it take in total in terms of months or years? did the boxscar ever improve?
  4. yes there is a big purge , for me atleast. terrible acne. I barely got my first cyst today after 6 months on it, when I apply it on the cyst it goes away in a week or so.
  5. again, real experts can "remove" them, most of them, if you'd see me a year ago before I started treatment you would agree. I have gotten about 30-40 percent improvement... i still have a long way too go. heres what is important ..1)age ,2) immune system / response to treatment 3)scar depth, texture , 4) modalities used 5)the person doing the scar revision. people can waste years and money with the wrong person , i hope everything goes well for you , let us know pls!
  6. lets be realistic here , the issue here is not that the results are not possible, rather a factor that isnt being taken into consideration... experience and a real professional with acne scars not just a regular surgeon . I think its irresponsible to go out and say this(him, not you) ... they can be removed , but in reality REPLACED with excision. the issue is finding a REAL expert with acne scars and those are not too common. of course they cant be removed completely , but they can be imp
  7. thats extremly depressing. but who is to say he is right about this??? i think its bad to do this and mention that they are a waste of time. acne scarring can be improved significantly.
  8. ater 2,3, 4 sessions. from people who have had them done? , thank you in advance.
  9. how far apart were each sessions of subcisions done? and what percentage of improvment have you gotten?
  10. does it take a long time to see the effects of it? and have you had it done?
  11. UPDATE : 1 month post, 2nd subcision: WOW!! starting to see NOTICEABLE results now... some craters on my left temple are starting to blend in and lift up almost completely. about 60-70 percent. can I expect more results in the next coming months or no? :D. My face looks completely different from 9 months ago when I started treatment.
  12. I have similar redness but due to poor sunscreen use its been like this for about 10 years now. will the laser work?
  13. studies have shown otherwise. srs