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  1. how many treatments did you do ? and how long ago was this? , pics would be great. that awesome to hear.
  2. Will Pm photos later , he is using the deka dot laser which I have heard good things about. Thank for you help.
  3. I have 2-3 sessions of subcision scheduled, my derm told me what you told me but said that with co2 laser He cannot for sure know how I will turn out , because everyone recovers different. the swelling has gone down and the scar remains the same shrunken size? so I should expect for it to go back to what it looked like before in months right? . He said that he will inject hyaluronic acid as well. Very honest and straightforward person, I had a good feeling about my scheduled procedures. he
  4. I just had laser co2 on one of my pitted scars and it shrunk in size, dont know if that is permanent? I healed quite fast. and I have 2 more sessions left. I have heard that subcision is the most safe and best method for pitted scars.
  5. are the results lasting or do the scars"come back" after a couple of years. any advice or help on this would be great.thanks .
  6. or do the result only last 10 years or so? when do the scars "reappear". thanks