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  1. does b5 in doeses like that stunt growth like accutane does?
  2. i know a site in america that will ship to the uk the vita-k costs $12 and the shipping to the uk is $62! fucking rip off,but i cant find it anywere else and i dont trust amazon so ill order it as i had my red marks for 9 years now.
  3. anywere to get a good powder form in the UK? thanks for any help.
  4. theman25


    Anyone tried Cipro for acne? Ive read on bodybuilding forums of people on steroids who have taken it for there acne.
  5. No they have to use the hair removel attachment for removing hair.
  6. The IPL helps with small red thread veins, not red acne marks. It can reduce hair growth in the area being treated. just recieved that from someone who does it,so IPL doesnt remove red marks and can reduce facial hair,ill have to look for a different treatment.
  7. If I was to get the IPL laser for red marks,would it interfere with my hair growth on the face?
  8. would a testicle bacterial infection cause acne? how do i know if ive got a nut sac infection and should i order some cipro?
  9. were did you get your's done? and does it stop you from growing facial hair because thats hwat ive read,if so then i dont want to get it done.
  10. Does the ipl laser destroy hair folicles? so if i was to get this laser for red marks,i wouldnt be able to grow a beard?
  11. ive had the red marks for 9 years now,although they have faded a bit there still there and i dont think they will go on there own,what is the best treatment i can get done in the UK merseyside area and if i get IPL will that destroy the hair folicles? because i might want to grow a beard in the future,or should i tell them to stay away from the hair area? please tell me the best treatments and were to get them in the UK.