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  1. im really pissed guys..coz well....i finally get my pimples on the face to tone down a little..then here comes pimples on my chest....and shoulders...!!!!!!! just when i started getting in shape again....here comes the pimples...and no it has nothing to do with getting in shape..coz i figure it might be coz im working out..so i stopd for a while..but boom....its goign crazy..soemone help me hereee plsss.....oh and i can find alpha hydrxy anywhere..so yea..i need help....right now im on the 3rd d
  2. damnn...so like..my tree oil is useless?
  3. really??o ok...ill try not to next time...but anything with the tree oil??anyonee??
  4. sorry..didnt reallly understand u that much...hmm...so at night....i wash my face with a cleanser......then wen it dries..i add the tree oil??damp it in cotton with water...then i rinse it off???i have to rinse it off?..then wait 5 min. then use the bp gel then 5 min. then moisturizer right?
  5. right now ..im doing dans regimen...but my mom got me tree oil...i how...but somehow...she got tons of them for free...friend of hers owns something or something...anywayz...do u guys think i should use it?? and wen???and how?? tnx.!
  6. aryt tnx....wat about cleaning my face?????? ok coz this is my daliy shedule 700- do the regimen take a shower . etc. go to school 400- clean my face with gentle cleanser bar..(ONLY)--back from schol 500- go to the gym 10- do the regimen again b i sleep... is it ok?
  7. what if u get a tan not from the sun.but from a tanning salon?? wuold that be ok?
  8. i just started on the regiman..and man its working realllyyyy fineee!!!! anwyyaz...i aws just wondering if its ok if i clean my face 3 times aday instaed of 2....coz well.im live in the philipines..and well..first of all..its kinda hott...i mean..damnn! its hot! u usually sweat...2nd of all..honestly..its kinda air polluted...but hey theyr beaches rule! lol..anwyayz.... so is it ok if i use it 3 times instead of 2???i wont use the bp gel twice thpugh..just the moisturizer... wen i go to shcool