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    I'm sitting right behind you, go ahead take a look
  1. Hey all, haven't been around...in quite some time. Things have changed, as they do in every life. Here is a photo for all of you, this is current, without a second accutane course. Skin is very clear, and redmarks have all but faded. Life has improved drastically, but thats of my own effort and not because of Accutane. Accutane did help me improve my self esteem drastically of course, which was a necessity in becoming who I am today. If you've got any questions just PM me. Cheers.
  2. Been a looong time since I was here. Here are some pictures.
  3. Today was the last day of my accutane pills. I had 3 so I took em all instead of taking 2 and 1. I'm glad to be over with it. Hopefully the red marks start subsiding soon, as well as the other side effects. I hate having dry lips! ! Pictures Front: Left: Right: I'll write up a long and existential post on how I feel about finally being over, later. I don't feel like it right now.
  4. Thanks a whole lot, I hadn't really seen the improvement before that picture forced me to see it... Wow.
  5. Have you studied at all for it? I mean...not to brag but I didn't study at all and I missed like 2...
  6. School has started. I really dislike school...I guess I'm not the kind of guy who likes to be stuck in one room for 95 minutes at a time while someone lectures. It's just...I don't feel like I learn much, but whatever. Pictures: Left: Right: Hancock!: P.S. I'm aware how weird/ugly that last picture makes me look, but I really don't care. Haha. EDIT: I just looked at the beginning photos compared to now...I can't believe what a miracle this has been. Day 1: Now: I look...exponentiall
  7. Thanks a lot DA FOXX! So yea, school starts in two days, and I have been actually making an effort to be more physically attractive this year. I've been using crest whitestrips (really do work!), working out, and embarrassingly enough, tanning. Working out is really strenuous. I did some hard workouts and the next day hurt pretty badly, the day after I could barely move my arms, and the day after that the soreness was finally subsiding a little. It shouldn't have taken so long to heal fro
  8. You're right, last year there was a girl who was interested in me, but this was when I was just starting Tane, my acne was so terrible that even know I would hang out with her I would hang my head low and pretty much sulk. If I had acted differently we probably would have ended up dating.
  9. How do you have 4 pages and you are on like day 7? Haha.
  10. It does take decent photos. Everything has been looking up for me recently. I got a second job that's going to pay very well and is super fun, and I lost some weight.