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  1. hey, im in the same situation.. 20.. started at 17 or so.. breaking out daily, but it's better than the summer.. I was on minocycline as well, but it didn't seem to help much so i switched to retin-a micro.. and.. well I cleared up since summer, but it's not a miracle product.. I breakout, but the recovery times are faster.. it's really an everyday struggle though with the dryness and instances of being clear.. then proceeded by feeling like crap. If you don't want to deal with Accutane again,
  2. No pop-ups here.. Good luck man.. I may be going on Accutane in November as well, you will be clear in no time!
  3. Damnnn, I'm on it now, been about 3 weeks so not enough time to really tell.. Been breaking out though on and off for the past 3 weeks, I think due to the Retin-A (which is a good thing if that's the case) Did this work for anyone?
  4. Alrighty, thought i'd intervene.. First off, no offense to anyone here, but instead of the home remedies, the drinking water, the vitamin C, and all that other stuff, just go back to the dermatologist (They make all that money for a reason, they are the experts!) Secondly, never leave acne alone without any medication, it'll only get worse (I know from experience), so go see a derm as soon as possible. And third, it's really not that bad, just keep your head up and you'll get through this.
  5. I usually work out at home, but with the beginning of the new school year, I'll have to get a membership when I get there.. It's such a hassle though cuz I don't really wanna work up a sweat around people when my acne's bad (sweating + red face from working out makes my acne look so much worse), but I can't put everything on hold just for acne, need to get into good shape.
  6. You can find 2% SA in like a million different cleansers.. But it doesn't really do anything for me, unless used with something else.
  7. uppin.. I'd do a google search.. I'll see what I can come up with.
  8. I definitely will.. It's about time I start a regimen log soon.. How is the Retin-A working for you, when did you initially breakout? (Hopefully the breakout is behind me, but I dunno if im gonna breakout in the next 4-6 weeks or not)
  9. Only a little over 2 weeks, so I'll reserve my final opinion about it for end of September/Middle of October range.. So far, the expected has happened.. a little irritation at first, but not much now.. And I am enduring the expected breakout, which is producing more marks.. BUt I'm looking towards the end goal eventually.. Using in combination with minocycline.
  10. I think Frankie's has really cleared up recently.. I saw him on a TV show about a year or so ago (not Malcolm), and it was very apparent, but on recent interviews he looks really clear, so he must be using something good... Dylan of the band had acne on his cheeks as someone mentioned, but the derm helped as well.. By the end of the series, you could really tell a big difference
  11. You're not using any other topical or oral medications, just using soap? I think soap or any mild cleanser is good to keep the skin fresh and clean externally, while getting rid of the dead skin cells.. But as to killing acne, there's no active ingredient for it to kill the bacteria or fade the red marks.
  12. I don't understand why you don't stick it out.. I'm on Retin-A as well, but an initial breakout is a smalll price to pay.. It's an 8-12 week commitment that could potentially bring great results.. Almost all medications will cause you to break out initially anyway.. Including something like BP.
  13. Okay, couple questions.. How long were you using the Retin-A for? Secondly, was it the micro version or just the standard? And.. Did it get rid of the blackheads? I'm on Retin-A Micro right now, but just been on it for 2 weeks.. So far I think it's working cuz my skin has gotten worse, which is usually a good sign of it bringing everything to the surface.. Will have to wait another month to see if it eliminates my acne. My skin is definitely oiler now... Not so much around cheeks, but forehe
  14. I'd ask for 100MG twice daily.. Family doctors really know nothing since it's not their area of expertise.. I was also in a similar situation.. Went to see local doctor first and he prescribed 100MG of mino with no topical.. Then saw Derm in August and said I need twice daily 100MG + Retin-A Micro.. and if that doesn't work, Accutane.