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  1. Thank you for your answer. No, I haven't been taking antibiotics or other meds. I do have white coating on my tonge though, and some small red rashes in the face. Also some flaking skin and itchiness that I attributed to the regimen. Also I have had stomach problems. I have sinus problems often but that has been the case for a lot of time now, including the time when the regimen cleared the acne, and before of that too. No toenai fungus, dandruff, tireness, headaches or brain fog. I ha
  2. Hi, I started with the Acne.org Regimen two years ago to treat my acne, and it cleared my skin succesfully. After like a year or so I stopped because I got confident and thought I could manage it, and wanted to save some money (Im dumb). Also I didn't like the smell. Anyway, I stayed more or less clear for several months after quiting, but I noticed the acne was coming back so I started with the regimen again 5 and a half weeks ago. It wasn't too bad, but I didn't want it to get worse. The thing