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  1. Then this study makes even more sense, but it bet if it really works it will give us the same scarless results. No company wound invest heavy money on skin treatment that would work only on very old people
  2. There was a study about older people and wound healing and they found out that the older you are the less fibrosis they is in wounds. So i think age doesnt matter, it might work better for older people
  3. Honestly i dont give a damn about regaining skin appendages, couse I dont have burns or large scars that would impair functionality. If this microcoring will prove succesful and it looks like it will, this will be the „cure” for us. In 4-5 treatments it will remove all of our scar tissue and healthy skin will take its place !!!! Fucking amazing Thanks for the posts Nikki, if you have more photos of this treatment share them pls :D
  4. Any updates about sunogel? I see that they updated their website recently. Also they were supposed to end preclinicals by the end of September so im waiting for some news from them
  5. Dont get me wrong I accepted them and I dont let them stop from doing what I want. I had a breakthrough one year ago and I started socializing after having the best acne scar treatment which in my mind is going to psychologist. I go to gym 7 days a week, I got a gf, and I often party. Overall my life is perfect but it sometimes hurts couse the only thing I cant change yet is my skin and I would love to just know the date of the „cure” . Honestly sometimes this life seems so fucked up
  6. The truth is that scarless healing is possible in humans and its only a matter of time before some company will find a way to unlock its mechanism. Im just afraid that it will take 30 years to be as accesible as lasers treatments and Ill be 49 by then and the best years will be long gone
  7. Can you guys just stop?? Life with acne scars is hard enough, dont need to kill the only thing we have which is hope. Even though I live my life to the fullest and dont let my scars depress me its nice to have AT LEAST hope that it will get better btw im sure that in 20 years cure will be here, and I won’t be even 40 by then XDD so not everybody will be old
  8. Read before you type, the „cure” is not coming in 2020 and I know that, no need to remind us that. I was only asking if microcoring is going to come out in 2020
  9. Basically it can remove scar tissue by creating tiny wounds that dont scar and your surrounding healthy skin „takes” over the place of the scar after those tiny wounds heal. damnBoy has the most knowledge about this method so maybe he will explain it better Btw anybody knows when are they planing to make microcoring available ? 2020?
  10. Any updates on scarless healing or is this thread gonna be dead for a while?
  11. I have a question, do you guys know when microcoring is coming out to market?
  12. It says on their website that they plan to end them by september. we dont know if they are doing any trails on humans rn, probably not cause human trials usually start during clinicals
  13. Thanks for the info damnBOY, have a lot of hope thanks to you. If the microcoring proves successfull finally we will have something that can remove scar tissue without creating another scar. Also one more month till the end of preclinicals from Sunogel, lets hope it worked out for them couse honestly I do thing Sunogel might be the ONE!
  14. So how far are we from a treatment that will give us perfect scarless skin? 10 years away? Or more like 30 years way?
  15. Hi guys! I would like to ask you a question. Im 18 rn and I have some scarring on my back from acne and I fully understand that right now its not possible to fix it but I would love to have at least hope. Do you think scarless healing will be possible within the next 20 years, like can we say for sure that by 2040 there is very high chance that there will be treatments that could regenerate skin? Btw sry for my english its not my first language