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  1. Hi BA, I sent my photos and got information from Dr. Emil for my treatment as below: TCA Cross,Cannula subs. and filler of the checks ( HA ot overdilute Sculptra) Eventually : q-switch ng: YAG for PIH and to improve skin texture What do you think about it ?
  2. Hi Sibel , i’m planning to go Dr.Emil from Turkey, i’ve icepicks,boxcars,some hyperpigmentation.And as i understood you are really satisfied and recommend him. And also from Cph. Airport is train takes 30 minutes to his office ?
  3. Hi again , Dermatologist told me he would support the subcision with lipofilling, Is lipofilling correct for scar treatment ??
  4. Thanks for your quick answer. Ok i will searh Dr Emil. Also i was planning to go Dr Davin Lim but it is so far from Turkey because i have to visit many times, Also i sent a message him from realself but did not any answer yet:( I can't entrust my skin to every doctor. I'm so determined that I want to make a point shot! Germany is very easy from here and if you can say ‘ok go to this doctor ‘ i will contact as soon as possible . And in this process i really need your g
  5. Hi , Can you tell me what treatment should i do for my scars? And do you have any specialist dermatologist advice in Europe? i tried derma-pen 6-7 times but it did not work and i really need your help and advices. I really appreciate!