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  1. It is just like imagining that the greatest beauty, the best riches, and the most beautiful spouse will make you happy.
  2. All I do is shampoo (any shampoo, I personally use something without sulfate, but i dont think it makes a difference) and after shampooing and rinsing out, take about 10-20 drops depending on hair length, and use it for the length of your hair. Then, I rinse (most of it doesnt rinse out) and then you use the towel to dry out your hair (this will get about 1/2-3/4 of it gone) and it will give it a healthy shine and it feels nice and soft. The more I used it over time, the healthier my hair got a
  3. As long as you use shampoo, use a good amount of jojoba oil (10 drops for shortish-long hair, 15+ for longer) it will be able to comb fine. I have not experienced trouble combing at all yet. In fact, it feels pretty damn good BTW, I am using a jojoba container for 6$ for the past month or so and it is still half full (use it daily, sometimes twice). Its simply because you only need a few drops to really moisturize your hair. Try it out on a day that you are home, because im telling you if you
  4. Add me in!! After clearing and losing 10 lbs I got a lot of "you look great", I look in the mirror, but to this day I think I look some retarded mole rat. (sorry for getting specific)
  5. lol I know what you mean. I do have slight discoloration and scarring, but I have no active acne. I only cleared up recently, and like you, and whenever someone comes close to me I back up immediately.
  6. Hey I am a guy with a bit long hair. Not very long, just a bit more than the average guy. I have had the WORST dandruff problems. I had ringworms also (that sucked and itched) and EXTREMELY dry and rough hair that would irritate me hell of a lot. I finally decided to do something about it since it was getting VERY itchy, even painful. I went to a store, got a brush from a recommendation of a organic health store leady and some 100% jojoba oil. Each morning I wake up, take a shower, shampoo, pu
  7. I just came on here to vent...... I am 17... played hockey for 9 years of my life...freshman year of HS got a concussion and another concussion that put me out for a whole year...then I got a forearm injury from overworking.....and tha t caused me to not play hockey again.... I was anticipating hockey for 2 years now...dreaming of it...when senior year i found a PT guy who helped me recover after 1 1/2 years from my injury which prevened me from doing anything, weightlifting. I am 20lbs thinne
  8. Sorry I have responded late No, at first I put tazorac first and then moisterizer after in order to decrease the effect of extreme drying your skin needs to get used to it.... and putting it on the top layer will dry the hell out of your skin and make it super red and falky what my derm told me is... put tazorac on... then wait 5 minutes and put moistierzer on.. next night, 10, next, 15, next day, 20,30,40,50,60 THEN WHEN YOU DO THIS you start putting on moisterizer AND THEN tazorac nothi
  9. when yo uare on the sun for a bit too long when using taz, does it cause long term damage? Or just short term. I heard something about the lower layers of the skin be affected since taz screws with ur layers.
  10. Hello, back to ask about some hair products i regularly shampoo, i used to have a good amount of dandruff, but now it is all gone but my scalp still itches like craaaaaaazy i use moisterizing shampoo + a moitserizing conditioner, but my hair after drying is rough and my scalp is ultra dry. No conditioner works! (ive tried about 3) So I in no way care about my hair as much as I care about my scalp, because my scalp itches itches itches and i go CRAZY!!!!! So can any give me a suggestion o
  11. I will keep on the taz till i see almost full fade of my scars, since they are shallow. Then, I will probably switch to something less harsh and powerful, and soimething that won;'t stop me from going in the sun for long
  12. I just wanted to say that I am almost 100% clear after 3 months of .05% tazorac. the initial breakout left me with some minor scars, but i was spared more since I started taking minocycline to lessen the severity of it the scars are getting slowly better and redmarks are noticeably better Just came back to show that it does work, many people say that poeople leave here when they clear up, and that is true, i hardly visited this forum after i cleared so any querstion? if any1 wants pictures
  13. is there one that is really good for the scalp? because my scalp is dry, and that is my main concern. I am not really so concerned about my hair as I am about my dandruff, because my dandruff is so itchy that whenever i sweat i get an allergic creation (wierd I know) So is there a certain brand that really improves the scalp and moisterizes it ALOT?