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  1. IMO Vichy Dermablend foundation is really great. Doesn't clog your pores, high coverage, high SPF, moisturizes and lasts like the whole day. Totally recommend it
  2. As Miss Mimic mentioned before, Dermablend is great and their collab with Vichy is even better. https://www.vichy.co.uk/dermablend-fluid-corrective-foundation-16hr The foundation is totally non-comedogenic, lasts like the whole day, has an SPF 35 and moisturizes your skin. Also, use a moisturizer and primer before, it really helps with not looking dry and flaky.
  3. So I've booked an appointment at a spa to get my eyebrows and eyelashes done, as summer is coming up. I know it sounds kinda silly but I'm really insecure about my acne as it's been breaking out quite a lot lately and is between moderate and severe. I literally never go out without foundation and concealer, but for the procedure, you need to take all your makeup off... Do you have any tips on how I can do this? Could I have some lighter BB cream on and hope for the best? Or should I just suck it