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  1. Thank you for the advice :-) I am planning to have the SMART PRP treatment he does. Which involves subcission, rf microneedling, tca cross and prp. The treatment is booked for next week so I will keep everyone posted about my experience. One quick question...how long is it best to wait before doing derma pen again? I heal quickly and I reckon I'll be back to normal in about 5 days. Would it be advised to do derma pen 2 weeks after the Anil treatment?
  2. I have my subcission, rf needling, prp and tca cross with Dr Anil next week. I am also wondering whether I can do a microneedling session a few weeks after. Not rf needling, but a derma pen one.
  3. I can imagine how tough it is being long distance and wondering how our partners will view us after such a long time of not meeting - especially when there's a change in our physical appearance and it knocks back our confidence. *sends hug*. But I don't think you need to worry. Ask yourself: what brought you together in the first place? I.e. was it the conversational chemistry? Comfort of being with each other? Emotional support and care? These intimate aspects will not change just because
  4. I first started out with OZ naturals, but it didn't appear to do anything for me. Later I moved onto pricier and more wellknown brand names like Drunk Elephant. Now I am using the Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum, which I think is a excellent price point. I started to notice the difference after 6 months of using Drunk Elephant. My acne scars used to be dark pits, surrounded by redness but now they are lighter and the redness has gone. In daylight the scars are not so noticeable.
  5. Have you tried a oil cleanser and then face wash? There's many balm cleansers that are made from oils and they are effective for removing makeup gentily. It might sound counter intuitive to use oil on oily skin, but it's really not that bad. after rinsing off the oil cleanser, a cleansing facewash as a second step ought to do the trick. After removing makeup, don't forget to moisturise your skin. I don't recommend using wipes or anything abrasive on the skin. redness is a sign of irr
  6. Oils don't tend to absorb well into my skin, they end up sitting on top like an oily film. What has worked well for me is squalane. It absorbs well and has oil regulating properties for the skin, plus it's moisturising and protects the skim barrier :-) I currently use Indie Lee's squalane oil.
  7. BP dries out the skin so it's hard to apply makeup over it. I would suggest using BP at night instead. In the daytime, look after your skin barrier and make sure it is moisturised and hydrated. A concealer and loose powder could be an alternative to foundation. If you do opt for foundation, how about a tinted moisturiser paired with concealer?
  8. I agree with most of the above :-) Have you also tried a vitamin c serum? It is an active that helps brighten the skin and fade pigmentation. It's now a holy grail product for me nowadays.
  9. I do things in this order: cleanser - serum - moisturiser - sunscreen - blemish gel. This is because BP / most acne topical treatments are drying. So i make sure my skin is prepped and protected before putting them on. Also they won't rub off if its the last step. I would also look for lightweight skincare products that aren't pore blocking. Using too much imo isn't best practice. less is more :-)
  10. I have used elta md and loved it. My skin type is combination, oily t zone and dry cheeks, pimples pop up in random places and take ages to heal. Right now I am alternating between Paula's choice mineral moisturiser with spf, and krave beauty beat the sun. Both are not pore blocking for me and lightweight, plus doesn't leave me oily and sweaty looking after application :-)
  11. Hello, I am currently in my late 20s. About 10 years ago, I had a few rounds of accutane, and although my acne cleared up, I have been left with quite noticeable scarring. 5-6 years ago I had about 3 sessions of fraxel done, it did make a difference in minimizing my scarring and lightened their appearance, but it hasn't really been transformative. I then left my face alone for several years and focused on skincare and improving skin texture. It wasn't till last year that I decid