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  1. Quick report: It's been two months since I bought grape seed oil. I (try to) put it on my face daily, but I don't see much difference. I have mainly comedonal acne.
  2. Doesn't matter how you call it, it's still acne. Blackhead, whitehead, "sebaceous filament"; whether smaller, bigger, darker, lighter, open or closed... The pore is still clogged. Nobody tell me that's how healthy skin is supposed to look like. The plug is not supposed to be there (nott!! no no!) If most people have this, most people have acne to some degree then
  3. I'm also on paleo diet (since April). I think I've noticed some results - reduced inflammation and in some areas, the pores seem to be less clogged (I'm just not sure anymore). But i have to ask (as it's driving me f. crazy) if anyone seen a significant clearance of non-inflamed acne. InquisitiveCreature: the diet should normalize production of skin oil (which is considered part of the problem)