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  1. ookay I might have...messed your entire page up..sorry about that. It might only show up on my computer....whatever

  2. Still think you're cute btw... :P

  3. Yeah you pretty much need a new friend dude. If it's a guy he's probably just jealous. You're totally hott fyi! Don't worry about scars or even a little acne. I knew this guy that had tons of scars but I though it was kind of cool...And he had an awesome personality. In your pics your skin looks amazing btw and as I said before you are hot ;) or handsome or whatever is better. Anyhow take luck, Whatever
  4. OMW you are SO pretty! And your skin is AWESOME!!!
  5. I LOVE proactiv!! Seriously it is so amazing! I'm really glad it worked so well for you. I actually haven't used it in a while because I live overseas and It's kind of a pain to order things from America so I just get Acnefree from Walmart. I really don't have acne that bad and it works just fine.
  6. You get acne on your head? (I'm not being rude I just didn't know that you could)
  7. me too!!!!! at first i kind of liked the clicking noise (it's reminiscent of listening to my grandma play when i was little... she's always had fake nails,) but i couldn't stand it after awhile. it's too distracting and takes away from the beauty of the instrument. anyway, besides that, my nails grow super fast and i'm pretty hard on my hands, so i would have to get them filled every week and a half or so. part of it's my perfectionist personality that always wanted them to look nice. i co
  8. heh heh heh. Sorry 'bout that. One time my mom brushed her teeth with my little brothers bottom cream. SICK
  9. I've done this once a long time ago and honestly I can't even remember if it worked...I don't think it did that well. All I know is that it smelled vile...Lol. But You can sure give it a shot, couldn't hurt.
  10. When I was 14 I normally got guessed as 18 and sometimes even 21...What.ever Lol
  11. Just get the invisible ones. They just look like you're wearing a retainer. My mom got braces when she was 24 and my aunt got them when she was in her 30's. I wouldn't worry about it! I still have them right now (I'm a teenager but whatever) and Sure they hurt and they are a little annoying but I can't wait to get them off because my teeth are going to look amazing Lol. Take care
  12. Hey I've been seeing your contributions around the forums and dude...you are freaking hilarious. Just had to tell you that...I'm sure you already know but whatever lol

  13. whateverlol


    Actually your skin looks really nice! I'm not going to put pictures up because I'm not allowed (parents) Take care.
  14. I cut mine short because I play the piano and I hate when they click! Sometimes I'll randomly grow them out but it really drives me crazy!
  15. ok sorry seriously I didnt mean to make fun or anything it's just...I've never heard anything like that in my life and I read it at like 12 at night... but yeah hope you can...get over your problem soon. It has to totally suck!
  16. It does if you swim like EVERY day. My Aunt and Uncle have a pool and I was at their house for like 2 weeks and swam every day and I had like no zits anywhere..
  17. aight I don't get it...like why the heck are you wearing makeup?? like the point is to show progress not your weekly "look how hawt I think I am" picture...just a tad confused
  18. OMW ok I'm totally cracking up right now...Lol some of you guys TMI LOL.