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  1. i frequently visit the healthboards (www.healthboards.com) & under the acne section someone posted that after drinking pure lemon juice (squeezed from a lemon not the kind you buy at grocery markets) diluted w/water she was cured of acne! i just started doing this & lemons have remarkable healing properties! they are known for doing great things to your body but i really hope it helps..
  2. i took cold showers for like a month & i dont remember if it did anything! it made me uncomfortable & very cold i was shivering after i got out! but i think it reduced redness i really cant remember if it helped though...
  3. ummm yeah...its actually "poke it out let your back roll"
  4. ya my mom told me to go back to just washing my face with soap because when i used to do that i had great/clear skin! i started a few days ago just using olay soap & i have had NO NEW PIMPLES or breakouts & the pimples i had or gone or barely there! *is excited*
  5. ben maybe you can back up your statements..if not dont fucking post here you're not welcome!
  6. im always depressed im only 15 but all i care about is clear skin! all i think about 24/7 day/nite is clear skin! all i do is cry and cry and sit in my room wishing i had clear skin...
  7. i always love using the old timer stuff cuz it always works and i was wondering if original noxema works? right now im only washing with olay soap because my mom said that was all i did when i had clear skin! and my skin is clearing up but i have a craving to get noxema cuz i loved the smell and its so old and original i wanna know if you think it'll work or not? shouldi wait till my face clears up a lot more than switch to it?
  8. i just started drinking lots of tap water....does water help acne???? it better cuz i dont wanna drink all this for nothing
  9. oh i get it so whatever the mg is thats how much each pill has right??? so if my pills have 200 each i need 3 to equal what you said??? cool i get it......ok im gonna start taking a WHOLE BUNCH every day but whats inflammation because people say it helps with that but im not sure what inflammation is lol
  10. wait whats inflammation again? the thing with me is....i dont have acne and i only have 1 pimple....but whenever i get a pimple it goes away and leaves a small red mark so i have a whole bunch of those on the sides of my faces so it looks like acne....wait 600mgx4??? my bottle says 200mg and i just took 2 so how many should i take a day?
  11. i was reading another acne messageboard and many people have said that taking motrin daily got rid of their acne FAST! so motrin is ibuprofen right? i was looking in my familys medicine cabinet for motrin but we dont have any then i found advil which says 200mg ibuprofen on it....is advil the same thing as motrin???? lemme know thankz i dont care if its bad ill take 6 pills of that a day if itll rid me of acne lol....so to conclude is motrin the same thing as advil?
  12. i know but something about hormones and dht might cause acne i mean how can you say it has to relation...i thought masturbation is a big thing in your body going on so it has to effect something...im just too afraid to try to abstain from it for a few weeks because i heard that not doing it also causes acne lol...which is it?
  13. im so sick of wondering if i do masturbate ill get acne or if i stop for a week or so ill also get it....has anyone here tried not masturbating for a month or so & saw an improvement in acne? there has to be some connection between acne and masturbation there just has to....it has to have some kind of effect....it just seems logical that since most teenagers start masturbating when they become a teenagerthey start to get acne....but recently some said that while abstaining from it acne appea