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  1. Hey how you doing?

  2. Since Retin-A thins out the layers of skin, I was wondering if my scarring will be less visible without retin-a since the skin would fill in by a couple of layers. I lost my bottle of Retin-a, maybe I should just stop using it so I go try glcolic peels since my face is fully clear now except from some shallow scarring and hyperpigmentation. I wouldn't be able to do these procedures while using retin-a since the skin is so thin and fragile while on retin-a. Or should I got get as refill on retin
  3. I also owe my dermatologist money because I didn't realize my insurance wouldn't cover my full visit. Do you think he will give me a refill anyway? If I stop using Retin-A, will I break out again? I'm clear now except for some scarring.
  4. I quit Doryx two months ago after having used it for like a month and a half. I quit because I didn't want to be dependant on something that could hurt my stomach in the long run and something that I could not continue using after a certain period of time. I also quit because the birth control pill may be less effective while on Doryx, and I don't want to have another kid right now. I also read a lot about how ORtho Tri Cyclen (not the LO version) can clear your skin, and I needed birth control
  5. I hate scars =( I was wondering if the scars start out being red and then turn skin tone. Cuz I have some scars that are from recent pimples but they are red since they are like maybe a month or two old and I wanna know if the color fades in with the skin. At least if they are going to be scars they can blend in with my skin...but do they?
  6. Can a recently healing pimple appear as a scar and then fade in time? Is it possible that some red marks left behind from acne appear as scars but then fade in time? I have red marks and hyperpigmentation and some of them look like shallow scars, can this be because the skin is still in the process of healing? Or will I have these scar looking red marks forever?
  7. I'm using Retin A micro. In the mornings I wash my face with a light cleanser and then apply benzoyl peroxide. My acne has died down a lot since I started using Birth control pills and I think I am ready to start treating the red marks and slight scarring left behind. I saw this glycolic acid peel product in the supermarket from Loreal. It comes with 8 treatments. It wasn't that expensive and I'm thinking of purchasing it. Anyone used it before and did it help heal the red marks and hyperpigment
  8. Maybe your acne is hormonal? Did you break out close to your period? Like maybe a week or two before your period?
  9. Whenever I either stay up too late or don't get enough sleep, I frequently find new pimples. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?
  10. I popped this pimple on the side of my mouth. I extracted everything inside of it. This morning I woke up and it had more pus in it. Why? Now popping it a second time around made it red. WHy does this happen. Is it pus or is it something else inside that the skin produces to heal it?
  11. The stresses of being a student (especially in such a demanding field of study) combined with the lack of sleep don't help too much either. Hehe I couldn't do without my coffee and milk