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  1. OMG, that's pretty screwed up. I mean, I thought I had it bad when perfect strangers would say things, but my parents? No way. If anything, they've been more than supportive of me through my battle for clear skin. I feel for you. OK, here's an instance: I was walking through the mall with a few close friends last winter and my face was REALLY bad at that time (cystic, flaring, etc). So, of course, I like to dress up when I go out, heels, dresses, pretty "stuff", and I felt pretty confident as
  2. I'm probably talking to myself...I'm gonna stop now. V.V
  3. anne.s...does that happen to stand for Anne Sexton? Sorry if I'm wrong...it's just she's one of my favorite poets.
  4. Pretty please? It's quite necessary if I'm going to continue with my regimen to know these few things.
  5. Numero uno: I use an AHA in the evening with my Taz. Should I also replace my morning moisturizer with it too, or would that be too irritating? Numero Dos: Have you ever heard of Dove sensitive bar ever breaking anybody out? Is it considered as bad as a soap? Oops, that was four questions...
  6. I use their duo concealer, green/color, one of the only concealers I've found that won't break me out. I've yet to try their foundation out, but their mineral veil is a must. Helps keep away the oiliness on my skin (along with touch-ups with blotting sheets after about four hours). Overall, a very affordable (in my book), handy make-up to have around.
  7. Is it a good thing that my face is extremely oily? I mean, before I went on Taz and Tetracycline, my face was dry and patchy. And now I can't stop the oil from lingering on my skin. I've cut back on wearing too much make-up and I only use Dove soap to wash with in AM & PM, so I'm NOT overwashing it. Could it be my skin purging itself after so long of dirt being built up in my pores? Or is it something I could be addressing and somehow correcting? I feel really gross...
  8. I tried it for about three months and I wasn't getting the results that I wanted, so I switched to Tazorac and an antibiotic (which have been working GREAT for me). Now don't get me wrong, I DID give the products a fair shot, but they all either A: irritated my sensitive skin too much, B: didn't prevent any new breakouts from forming, C: Caused excessive paling and drying of my skin which only irritated it MORE, and D: didn't clean "deep" enough. I don't know...I guess the regimen just didn't se
  9. They kind of look like blemishes over scars. Hard to tell though due to blurriness. I have a bunch of those little buggers. Yours look pretty minor, but I know they can be hell to live with. Try getting a pic of them in the sunlight at an angle and you'll be able to tell if they're scars if you see any "sink" where the red marks are.
  10. Well I guess I'm screwed in the whole "trivial mentality" of having acne. I was depressed before I got acne. If I went on accutane, I'd probably kill myself or something. Therefore: I won't touch it.
  11. Is pissing me off. It's like the ONLY place giving me a real problem at the moment, and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've got a bunch of little red bumps that persistently come up every day all over my nostrils. I use Tazorac and I'm on tetracycline. I only use face wash at night (cetaphil) to wash off my make-up, and water in the morning. I've thought about chemical exfoliation, but wouldn't I have to use it ALL over my face? My skin is really sensitive and I don't think I can handle it a
  12. I agree with Elsewhere on this one. Acceptance is simply forming an understanding of one's problems. Nothing more, nothing less. What you do with that understanding is up to you.
  13. I have an obese mother and sister. I am, on the other hand, 5'8", slim and slender...with a jacked up face (Thanks DAD!). I don't like to admit it, but I am at times repulsed by obese people, but in a way I feel connected to them, like fellow members of a "social reject" group. My sister is the ONLY person who understands how I can be so insecure with my looks b/c she has her own insecurities about her weight. But the truth is, I'd trade her shoes ANY day.
  14. Another great recommendation. How am I ever going to choose...O.o Anyone on concealers?
  15. Oooh, sounds scary. I've never been out of the house w/o doing my own make-up. Yes, I have issues...lol. I'll look into Mac. I've heard great (& some not so great things) about it, but mostly that it's fabulous for "big events" b/c of it's wear. It's a must-try.