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  1. Just about 8 weeks here. Very clear. One teeny weeny itty bitty whitehead on my cheek ...but dry dry dry! I have to find a good moisturizer. Does anyone have a good suggestion? Please?
  2. I have totally forgotten what day it is. I know it has been 7 weeks now. My face has cleared waaay out. It is very very dry. Expecially around my nose and lips. My lips are even drier. I can't go 10 minutes without putting chapstick on! I think I have two tiny little bumps on my chin, but I can't even see them, only feel them when I wash my face. Other than that- I've been getting sinus headaches. I'm pretty sure it's from the accutane. I just take advil or whatever. Can't wait until I'm done
  3. Wow! My face looks AWFUL. Red marks everywhere, and a new cyst. I just barely got done doing 6 weeks, technically i'm on day 45. I am hoping and praying this is the IB I've been waiting for and once this crap is done it will mean I'm clearing out for good. Ugh.
  4. Day 33. Now taking 40mg a day as of monday. Not much to gripe about. Pretty dry all over. Just a few whiteheads coming up now and then, nothing serious really. They just come out on their own or I gently pinch them out-- and so what if I get a little scar. Scars healing good all over, in another month I'm sure I will look almost clear.
  5. Day 27???? Still broken out slightly in tiny whiteheads but they are starting to shrink up and heal. This break out hasn't been nearly as bad as the one I had before (around two weeks ago) and everything seems to be coming up/healing a little bit quicker than usual. In a few days I will most likely look close to clear again. Dry, dry, dry. Good lord. Can I handle 4 more months of this?? I hope I can. Drinking looooots of water. oy vey.
  6. Hmmm. Day 26. I am just about to wrap up 4 weeks and my face got slightly worse today. I wonder if it's because I upped my dosage a little... probably. It's only a few tiny whiteheads, nothing huge, so, of couse it's annoying but I can handle it. It might be because i've been pigging out on junk food lately. I'll stop doing that today and see if it helps!!!
  7. Now i'm forgetting what day it is. It's day 24 or 25. Anyway, skin is pretty dry and I only have a few teeny tiny little whitehead things on my face. Mostly just scarring, which will fade soon. Can't complain, though.
  8. Day 21. End of week 3!! I'm hoping the IB is done. No new stuff. Just a few teeny tiny things that will dry up soon i'm betting. My face is dry and tight. Man does that feel goooooood! Since I was broken out bad all last week I have a bunch of red scars that have to heal- those will lighten up in a week or two so... whatever dude. It's looked worse. In other news, I have cramps today. Ugh. Been keeping tabs on the weight, no change so far. I don't know if the weight loss is tied in to the accu
  9. Day 18. The big ones have gone down, but a few little whiteheads are still lingering around my lips and chin. Nothing serious, they'll probably go away in a day or two. Other than that, face is looking okay, just a few scars(those will go away in a week or so). My face is dry, for the first time, I think, ever! I love having an oil-free face at 9am AND at 9pm. I have not been watching my weight. I don't think I have moved from 135.
  10. Day 16. The big one on the right side of my face(on my cheek) has finally gone down! Now the other one on the left side has to go away and I'll be doing great!!! No new stuff, all the old ones have really seemed to fade away. Yeah!!! Wooooohooo! I weigh 135 now (took off another pound yesterday!) and I'm hoping to drop down to 130.
  11. DAY 15. Remember how I was just bitching about gaining weight? Well I spoke too soon- I weighed myself today and I've gone down about 3 pounds from a few days ago. Crazy. It was a lot harder to lose those 3 pds than ever before! Now today I still have two stubborn big ones on my cheeks. Dear god, make them go away, both of them hurt like crazy. This is definitely IB. Those suckers have been there for over a week now. I am starting on taking 40mg a day now, btw. I am hoping a few more weeks and I
  12. Day 14. End of week 2! This is definitely IB for me. I have a huge cyst on the side of my chin, an annoying big one on my cheek and another whitehead under my lip. My face hasn't looked this bad since I started. Next week I am upping to 40 mg a day and then in a month going up to 60mg to kill it off for good. Also, something odd has happened. I have always been skinny with good metabolism, but now even though I am not hungry at all- and don't eat very much- I cannot seem to shake these 5 pds I p