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  1. well I just started accutane after years of acne. I believe I am on a low dose. 20mg once daily. I feel odd. does anyone else feel nervous on this stuff? i cant sleep either. (why im here) i will be posting daily for a while. my main consern is if this is normal?
  2. i have been using mary kays timewise medium cov foundation for almost 2 years its the ONLY foundation ill touch! it covers EVERYTHING no need for a [email protected] if you havent tried it give it a [email protected] ill supply anyone w/ the address i shop from if they dont know where to get it. hope i helped [email protected]
  3. I use mary kays medium coverage foundation and LOVE IT.. i dont even need [email protected]!!! i work at hooters so this is a BIG deal ot mee.. give it a try! sure glad i did.
  4. ive already used up a order of proactive in 1 month!! is the generic just as good?
  5. i found when i searched mary kay on here it brought up only GREAT oppinions about the oil mattifier and there velocity... i personly before "PROACTIVE" only used the mary kay deep cleanser formula 3 followed by loreals toner "the blue for clear skin " then mary kays acne treatment formula 5% benzol peroxide at night... if i needed to moisturise i used mary kays timewise for oily skin. but now im into proactive. for now. untill insurance... but as ive been saying there foundation puts all other
  6. before i use proactive i liked the mary kay deep cleanser number 3 then i folowed w/ loreal toner (clear skin stuff) then the mary kay 5% benzol perox. treatment all over my face. if i need to moisturize i used mary kay timewise for oily skin.
  7. oh ive bee using it about 2 yrs. it says timewise medium coverage foundation 400 its in a tube "white". and it doesnot add to any of my breakouts, only covers them up YES!
  8. just incase no one else saw my last post... the only foundation that will cover my acne w/ no one noticing and w/out even using [email protected]@!!! is mary kay yep.. crazy i know .. its $14 a tube and it last me about 3 months! im amazed and hooked i buy it from here... www.marykay.com/jamiebrown hope this helps!! oh yeah.. i work at hooters as a server so its like a BIG deal to me that it was [email protected]!!!
  9. i have had moderate acne since around 14yrs old. then when i hit 21 i began cystic acne around my chin/jaw line!! bad stuff! i have no insurance and had tryed all sorts of perscriptions while i had insurance. i got desperate so i decided to try proactive for a second time. "first time when it started getting worse i quit... but this time after 3 days i had about 15 cycstc zits on my jaw IT WAS TERRIBLE but i had read where it is worse first then starts getting better so i hung in there after
  10. i liked it but too harsh i would say buy the generic at walgreens for 20 and if you dont like it return it. i use the lotion and im doing great. i dont use the toner step 2 but once in a while I LOVED the cleanser but cant buy it seperate its worth a shot but make sure she uses it 2 times a day!!! and for a whole month or it wont work! also the bperoxide bleaches faborics so wear white and use white sheets. also try cleaning your phones w/ alcohol every day and changing pillow cases ofter i do e
  11. i have had bad "rice crispy acne for 10 years or so. i have been to derm's and they would put me on antibiotics "worked for a while but they wouldnt let me stay on it. they had me on all kinds of clinsers and the retin a ect. also i did "acne surgery" microdermabrasion" sorta helped. but i ran out of insurance and im left to fend for myself. this is what works for me. i have been doing this for about 3 weeks and im clear but 2 zits!!! i have acne all over my body, arms all over back chest and fa