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  1. mm i think i look worse when lights are off. my skin is pretty oily and then it gets even more oily in the dark but if the lights are on high you can harldy see the oil.. mm maybe thats my problem
  2. ok here goes my diet !!! u ready for this ??? i eat meals whatever im given and i eat till im full... thennnnnn?? i dont snack between unless its a bowl of ceral or fruit++++exercise and BAMMMM its liek toxen free... im just picking your post out of nowhere becuase i eat bread all teh friggen time and carbs are not the enemy lazinessis the enemy `
  3. well.. he started it.. he said it was no joke LAR *shut up MMOrpg speak fux k pwn death.*
  4. mez bez guru master of teh skin. Be you to do the breakfast nevar. try nevar the eat food for life lawl!! no toxins for life !! me do and lose all toxens!! TOXENS NO FOR LIFE!! JOIN U BE?? or eat food shit not kaka me thinks i know i do. Or rasins the eat do you. HARHAR rasins fo life . Man NO TOXENS OR DIE TRYING LAWL - 50centz reference ^))^ 50centz is teh Ozymandias of our time u know LAR?? LEts join teh no toxens club who be teh with me in the club. up sign you do at www.notoxensfolife
  5. natoo b teh cheat? natoo nevar b teh cheat! u blasfeemurr!! youez b teh tramposa!!!
  6. grats guys.. they give ppl arms and shit why cant they give me a fake big toe to balance on .. lose the big toe get clear skin and get a fake big toe and i win both ways grats i win u lose lawl .. revel in my majesty kk thx bye
  7. well i just came back to the forums a couple of days ago wondering what has happend. And I still remember Vince and been praying for that dude. anyone know whats going on with him?
  8. yeah there is..this one girl who was on this forum a while ago had reallllly bad acne but it wasnt red it was the white stuff? so makeup covered it all man she was so hott v.v i forget her name tho.. she posted alllott maybe she is still here i dunno
  9. yeah they probably might + my parents are pretty rich but its just the fact that all my friends are going to graduate with magna and suma laude and im at best gonna get cum laude something like that but yea.. just pisses me off i wasted a year of my life on acne instead of graduating with top honors.
  10. oh by the way silent scream.. i live in michigan too and you look very familiar to a girl in my school and she also had a twin um... where were u from.. no im not weird but i was a soph and she was a senior and thats 2 hears apart and im 18 so u must be 20 so did you go to BYron Center??? weird..
  11. Hey, I went through the exact same thing you did. I was a pretty good student GPA around 3.7-3.8 my freshman year. Then over the summer i had horriable break outs, and i lost all my confidence. My GPA for the year went to like 1.9. I never did my homework and couldnt concentrate on anything during school becuase i never looked up or payed attention to the teacher because i was so scared that the teacher would look at me with disgust. Well over the next summer i went on Accutane and well it w
  12. Paranoid: High Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Very High Antisocial: High Borderline: Moderate Histrionic: Moderate Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Very High Dependent: Very High Obsessive-Compulsive: Low humm i guess i have some problems
  13. man i feel sooo bad for you.. i was almost about to cry after hearing all that... then i thought of wantng to beat all those fuckers up with ya but hey man i will be praying for you and i hope you can get better...oh yeah on those saturday nights rent the movie FIGHT CLUB it got me through those days
  14. yea same here i check in the bathroom at least 2 times a school day just to see if my skin is peeling or dry. but also ive realized that back in the day i wanted all the lights off becuase i use to have alot of cysts but now i want the lights on really bright so my face looks less oily o.o