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  1. Hi all! I'm post-Accutane now for about three years and I am VERY VERY happy to report that the majority of my acne has cleared up and now I am dealing with a barrage of red/brown scarring on my face. While I do get the occasional pimple, the acne itself has been under control for quite a while. I've read that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is what occurs after the acne; however, I feel as though I've had these scars for YEARS now and I am itching to have skin where I do not have to
  2. Hi everyone, Again I apologize that I haven't updated in so long. Things have been hectic and I guess after being on Accutane for awhile I just got used to being on it, and my acne progressively disappeared. The dryness actually really wasn't that bad at all; my hands just developed a strange scaly rash (which went away after using a bit of topical cortisone) and also my hands started to peel in between my thumb and index finger. Otherwise, nothing else. Anyway, I was on Accutane for about fi
  3. Hey! Sorry, haven't had time to post any pictures lately but I gotta say ... leaps and bounds in improvement ...!! My blood work was checking out great while on Accutane, so my dermatologist upped my prescription -- I was on 1x 40mg per day, and now I'm alternating days with 1x 40 mg, then 2x 40 mg, etc. The nose bleeds have also subsided after using Vaseline up the nose (gross-- but it works). Oddly enough my skin has also really stopped flaking completely, and it almost feels as though my sk
  4. DAY 30!!!!!! Wow, I can't believe it's already been a month. My skin has felt substantially less oily and the flaking has subsided to a minimum. I find I can mildly exfoliate while I wash my face with Cetaphil and warm water ... I use the wash cloth to kind of "wipe" away the excess flaking skin (it's hard to see when your skin is wet but it's certainly there). My skin definitely also dries out towards the end of the day but I just make sure I go to bed with lots of Cetaphil lotion on my face.
  5. Hey! Thanks for checking up. My skin has totally begun to dry up and I had thought that the zits would go with it, but lo and behold, I have broken out again -- they are so painful. Hopefully because my skin is not producing much oil then the acne will have nothing to eat ... lol ... how's your Accutane coming along?

  6. How are you doing hun?

  7. MAGIC!! IT'S MAGIC! Man, what difference a few days makes! I am living out the remnants of this "IB" I had (there were juicy, red, bulbousy-ish zits before) and this stuff is working fast. My skin is no longer oily at all but the major flaking is still happening, and especially around the zits that are drying out. It feels weird, like they are just shriveling up and falling off (quite literally I am finding that they just ... fall off). They are still around but shrinking by the day. (I just
  8. RC ... You mentioned 100% aloe gel at the end of your list. I've seen it used typically for sunburns, so I could see how it would help with the healing process ... but are you using it now that you have less active acne, or in conjunction with your other moisturizers? If so, how are you layering it amoungst your face lotion -- over, under?
  9. I am intrigued to try Dr. Bronner's soap -- I have seen it in various health food stores and am tempted to give it a try, except I'm currently on Accutane. My face can't handle more than Cetaphil right now ... is Dr. Bronner's tea tree very stinging? (It sounds like it.) I have an initial breakout right now that I would like to get rid of, but at the same time I don't know if it would be appropriate to use harsh cleansers on my face as it would dry it out. For the people who tried it/use it: wh
  10. Haha, hmm, I never thought to ask my dermatologist whether I could smoke weed or not while on Accutane ... but I would say to probably stay away from it as well, seeing as it's equally a toxin but it is smoked rather than ingested in a liquid form. Your body's overall function relies on a variety of different organs to process nutrients and remove toxins ... your liver is the largest gland in your body and it works hard to metabolise your food as well as filter out unwanted toxins. The whole poi