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  1. I havent upload much in the last months, because my skin was so beautiful. After May i started taking accutane less and less. As you know my dosage was 20 mg per day, but after May my dermatologist advised me to take 20 mg every second day, then every 4 four days, and lastly i took it once a week during the last month. But i am back -.- Today I got my first cystic pimple since i stopped taking accutane. It's a bit frustrating, because i stopped taking accutane only like 2 months ago. B
  2. I had a pimple back in February so my dermatologist decided to let me do a few more months. Since then I haven't got a single pimple...well until today. I am not worried for now because i was expecting it - if i get a closed comedone it will turn into a pimple. It hasn't become a big pimple yet but i know it will because the skin around it is turning red. I hope this one reallz is the last one.
  3. I haven't got a single pimple since December but I did pick at a tiny blackhead and this is the result of it.
  4. I'm so happy with my skin and so thankful!
  5. Haven't got a pimple since the big one from December. I think the little bump that stayed from it will turn into a whitehead in the next few days.
  6. My skin looks better. I got a new pimple though. I hope it will stay small and wont turn into a big pimple. I hope it's the last one as well.
  7. I got 2 new pimples. I feel like this will never end. I notices a lot of small closed comedones again.
  8. Left side was almost percect until i got this big pimple. But to be fair I was expecting it because there was a big closed comedone. Right side is doing much better. I got a pimple like a week ago and it stil hasn't completely disappear.
  9. Why is this happening again
  10. My skin gets better then it gets worse again. It's a constant cycle but it looks much better than a month or two ago. I forget to post all the time. I only remember when i get new acne.
  11. Had a breakout again.
  12. Kinda f*cked up with my BC and then the condom broke so I took EC yesterday.
  13. I'm happy because my skin is doing better. I still have closed comedones, some bumps from previous acne and scars but I'm trying to stay positive
  14. I haven't picked at my skin at all...
  15. The reason why my cheeks look weird is because i was trying to show you that i have many closed comedones..