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  1. Were you on antibiotics or accutane for a long period before getting this condition?
  2. How you contacted this disease is also important. For most of the people on this thread it has resulted from an antibiotic course (for acne , surgery, etc.) which most probably destroyed their gut flora. And that is the reason everybody here is advocating this condition to be gut related because not only it has totally fucked up their skin but it has also made their gut health & digestion go haywire which wasn't the case before taking antibiotics.
  3. I don't think it's because of the mold. Gut dysbiosis seems to be the only cause. We must have lost certain species of bacteria which has caused all this.
  4. Yes, I thought so. Cause ever since this condition has got hold of me, my digestive system has gone completely off track. Excessive bloating, gas, uneven stool texture and what not. And on the days when my stomach is normal, my skin gets better too. To my bad, no Dr. has been able to diagonse the exact condition. Still tryin to find the main culprit behind all this.
  5. Oh, So you are completely clear without applying any cream or shampoo? Like the change has come from within the body?
  6. Yes do get THIS TYPE of acne on my scalp and at times b/w my eyebrows and obviously around the mouth.
  7. What's your complete regimen. Can u please elaborate. I'm a bit confused.
  8. Don't go for accutane, just like BP, accutane too is a temporary fix & moreover it's not worth the risk. This condition is a result of post antibiotic gut microbiota dysbiosis. If u manage to get it back to normal, this condition will resolve automatically.
  9. Are you completely clear after starting consumption if this probiotic? Yes, that's true but I am sure once we get our whole digestive system diagnosed, something will come up which will justify this treatment.
  10. FMT seems to be the only hope as of now. Most of the people here have reported how their gut affects this condition. Eating a certain diet keeps it under control while getting a bit off the track makes this condition go haywire. And I also read about the case in which the patient died after FMT but in his case the donor wasn't screened properly and was suffering from an infection himself. I would have for this treatment today only as it can be a life saver but hospitals here in India haven't rea
  11. Don't go for accutane. It's a temporary solution & it has too many side effects. I think you are on the right track when you talk about restoring gut microbiome.