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  1. Can u tell us how did you get this condition in the first place? I too use neem face pack and it does give some relief. I have tried cold pressed neem oil too but it didn't work may be because I have super oily skin.
  2. Hello people, I was just going through some youtube videos trying find content which could tell me how to undo antibiotic damage & that's when I stumbled upon this video. Just to 7th min if you are not interested in the whole video there you will see that this guy also had our condition as he too was on accutane & antibiotics. And he has clear skin now, don't know his whole regimen but caveman was a part of it, he also talks about what probiotics he took to undo the d
  3. But I have read that BP doesn't help in case of fungal acne & in our case it does. Why so?
  4. I do have an upset stomach and I also get crusts at top of my scalp & between my eyebrows. I haven't taken any other antibiotic. I don't have sinus issues but my nose is pretty stuffed. I have super oily skin. About the tongue I can't say much but I think its pretty normal. I too think the problem lies in the stomach. But I don't know how I can get it diagnosed. Docs aren't interested in listening to what I think I have.
  5. Can u be more precise. My stomach and skin is completely messed up after two rounds of clyndamicin (3 months in total). Somehow I feel that my gut flora imbalance after antibiotics is responsible fot this skin condition.
  6. Thanks mate. I hope this the end of misery for all of us.
  7. That's freakin great.One thing that I would like to ask, What triggered this problem for u? Were u on antibiotics for a long period?
  8. I get it. I always knew that the problm lies in the gut cz whenever I ate anything sugary or dairy and also when I consumed alcohol it fucked up my skin almost instantaneously which showed that its not just a skin condition & is also somehow related to gut. Is there a test by which we can diagnose our gut problem?. BTW thanks for the regular updates. Your posts help alot.
  9. I too have this condition & my stomach is messed up too. It has been years since I had a normal shit. How do you consume it and how many times a day?