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  1. That was actually a good, comprehensive article on the topic, which is rare for acne websites. It's just unfortunate that there's very little in the way of new experimental treatments for oily skin with less side effects than Accutane.
  2. I tried a topical of rosehip oil combined with an ecgc extract that I found on amazon and it seemed to help a bit. It didn't help enough to make a dent in my oil but it's worth a shot.
  3. If you read the post youd see he said a lot more than just fish oil
  4. I would also love to know which specific fish oil supplement you took, if you dont feel comfortable posting it here then a pm would be great. And thanks for sharing your success. CBD oil didnt help me but maybe thats because i used CBD isolate instead of full spectrum.
  5. Man I've been following this thread for a long time and have also found that basically nothing works except accutane, so I'm ready to take the plunge of something drastic too. Which of those treatments seems to have the most potential to you? I had a derm offer me micro botox but I didn't know it was injected into the dermis and not the muscle. So it would stop my face from being able to move? Lol
  6. This is all really interesting stuff and is far more enticing than the usual advice about oily skin, which has done nothing for me and many others. Along the lines of what you are saying, what are things that can be done to improve oily skin? I know I've tried every treatment under the sun for my oily skin and it hasn't helped one bit. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your findings.