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  1. For me, a large part of my problem is dealing with stress, and whether or not it started with acne and insecurities I feel trapped in a cycle of the stress exacerbating my acne issues and causing other health problems as well as acne causing distress constantly. Here it isn't withdrawal from class but the constant distraction and toll on my overall well-being. I'm also feeling driven to constantly look put together and wear makeup, dress well, etc. Being in college is a formative experience, but
  2. My acne was pretty bad before, but now in college it's just getting worse. I always had many inflamed, painful pimples but I just felt a large cyst on my face, which is really unlike what I've had the past 7 years.. I'm really stressed out about my skin and I feel like its making studying worse, but I feel like I have to finish out this year. Have you guys talked to counsellors at your school? I'm thinking of doing that this week.
  3. Hey we are in the same boat! For the past year I've had a little battle with food but now I am finally coming around to becoming even more strict with it all. I had gastro-intestinal problems last year because of antibiotics/birth control candida thing going on. It was not so fun. I'm going to try out Neem oil! I don't get large cysts, but I do get decent sized inflamed pimples. I can also really relate to how you are feeling about a pimple ruining your day. My skin is at a really low point righ
  4. I remember drinking straight unflavored vodka gave me the least amount of problems, but it was hard to get used to and I would often succumb to lemonade or soda to chase with so that kind of canceled out.
  5. I think there are a lot of posts on this all over. Also people listen to Dan Savage's podcasts - educate yoself.
  6. I think the placement of your acne sounds hormonal - well when I talked to my dermatologist about Spironolactone, she said she prescribed it primarily for those with many breakouts around mouth and chin, and that's a hormonal treatment. I think a lot of people predisposed to acne often have acne in part(or fully) to hormones, whether it's related to food, stress, hormonal cycle, etc. I've had good results from diet changes, supplements, exercise, and birth control. I think that even if you ha
  7. My question for all the ladies on BCPs is: 1. What BCP are you on? I am on Trinessa (generic Ortho Tri Cyclen) 2. What is your topical regimen like? Morning: Finacea Night: Differin most nights, Acanya every few days I also am into the holistic thing, but mainly because my digestive system is out of whack 3. How clear are you on your current BCP? (100%, 90%??) Well you see I was just on Atralin( a less drying form of retin-a) and it made me break out awfully so I'm recovering from that. Bes
  8. Even if the face map is wrong - which I am not saying it is at all, it gives some good reminders that benefit overall health right? I'll try it.
  9. I was just thinking about this today like 20 minutes ago before I got on the computer! I definitely make sure not to touch my face and keep up really well with my regimen even after going out, but my skin is always worse. I didn't drink from January to May last year and my skin was at its best. Coincidence? I'm going to try not drinking for a couple of months and report back!
  10. The only time I've heard to avoid potatoes is when I read about ayurveda and avoiding nightshades. It's actually pretty interesting but I haven't really read thaat much about ayurvedic medicine.
  11. I've noticed that my skin is always worse after a weekend - which is when I usually "cheat" on my diet plan so that means I'll have sugary drinks, wheat, etc. I don't stress out about when I eat something bad anymore so I don't really think it's the power of my mind making my acne more inflamed than before.
  12. I seem to be getting less new pimples, there are some that go down and flare back up so I'm not sure what to do with those. I haven't been wearing makeup to school, not because my skin is better but just because I want to make sure the makeup isn't making my skin worse. The Finacea was making my skin peel a lot so I found that the OCM and babybrush work well to get rid of the extra skin. Also I am going back to a more strict diet. I am trying very hard to eat no gluten, no dairy, and only smal
  13. So I either experienced a two month long initial breakout or Atralin just wasn't working. Well I switched back to Differin and just started Finacea. My skin on my left cheek is a few lingering pimples in the center of cheek. Right cheek is a lot of little bumps and white heads. Forehead is looking better. Healing pimple inbetween eyebrows. I started birth control about 3 weeks ago. Its Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I am going on the generic of OTC regular next month. I want to see if I can do birth cont
  14. Hey good luck! I've had persistent acne since I was about 12 and I'm almost 18 - so we are in the same boat. I almost did accutane a couple years ago. I really wish I did! Can't wait to hear about your results.
  15. There's a very good post on what to do with a popped pimple. Basically what I do is sterilize it (with a q-tip and like.. rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide), then I ice it (wrap ice cube with paper towel, apply for a minute or less), then put an antibiotic on it. Someone on these boards will have that topic and give you the link, because my advice is probably flawed. Best of luck.