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  1. Week 7 : My skin still looks very bad there is no improvement. It feels hot to the touch and I get this burning sensation. It's so itchy after a shower , I literally feel like restraining myself so I don't scratch it.However my skin is not that dry. I'm not sure if that's a good sign as at this stage my face should be getting dry. I think my derm might be upping my dose to 60 mg, which I am scared of as there is more chances of me getting severe side effects , and I am so scared of that. I
  2. Hi Guys, I'm really hoping someone will be able to answer my question. I used to get the Keratin treatment(Brazilian Blow dry) done before I started Roaccutane. ' I have very curly and frizzy hair and it was dry and damage due to the constant use of a hair straightner. This treatment was the best thing I have ever done. Anyways to get to my point. I am currently nearly finishing month two of Roaccutane, started of with 20 mg first month and then increas
  3. Hi Michelle, I'm ok , other than I have been on this drug for nearly two months and no result other than the face got a bit worse. It is now a lot more inflamed, burning but not really dry. I don't know if that's a good sign or not I will be seeing my derm next week so looking forward to getting some answers as I am just fed up at this stage. Yes I have tried salosylic acid and another topical cream ( can't remember the name), it didn't work well. Not many scars luckily, that's why
  4. Hi FH99, I started off with antibiotics and topical treatments which didn't help, so I was prescribed Roaccutane. For the first month I was on 20mg and no harsh side effects other than I had a really bad breakout, it was so bad and my confidence reached its lowest point and I had a feeling that this dose is not enough for me and will be increased. I was right my derm prescribed 40 mg and I just finished the first week , my acne is still so bad. I feel so shitty about it but I am real
  5. Hi Whiskey 1, I'm currently on Roaccutane my derm prescribed it to me as I suffered with very persistent acne which didn't respond to antibiotics and topical creams and because there was a possibility of scarring. As far as I'm concerned if you tick all those boxes Roaccutane will be prescribed to you. If you are covered under NHS for the visits and meds then that's fine. I live in Ireland and have to pay for the meds and my private health insurance covers 50% of the de
  6. Hi Ben, I'm not a male , but I do struggle with my acne. It started off in my teenage years and it was not severe but my face was never perfect. It got worse and spread to my back after I had my daughter. I went to my GP and he prescribed me antibiotic and two topical creams ., which did clear up my face. After a year I stopped taking it and my acne came back with vengeance. At this stage I knew if I saw a dermatologist they would put me on Roaccutane. I was right , but at that mom
  7. Hi Andrei Can, I am on Roaccutane too and had my dose increased to 40mg. Currently feeling shitty as looking at my face in the mirror at the moment is not the best feeling but I'm hoping once I see some results my mood will improve. Roaccutane can be responsible for your mental health. I would strongly recommend you see your doctor and advise him of this that's if you are feeling worried about it. I don't have much advice at the moment as I am only on month one and will
  8. Hi Aussie Scientist, Many thanks for your reply. I have researched fungal acne after I saw your comment. In my conclusion it's not fungal acne. I have never had dry skin it's only in the last month when I started taking Roaccutane , my skin prior to that was very oily. I have been suffering with sinuses for the last 14 years. No other symptoms from what you named above. Also, fungal acne is mostly whiteheads and red bumps and only found in the T Zone area, my acne is a bit of e
  9. Hi All, I am so new to this but I would really like to chat to people who are taking this medication and see their experience on it. I am a 24 year old woman. I always had few spots on my face but it was never really severe. After I had my daughter at 20 the acne started getting worse and spread to my back. At this stage my face still wasn't very bad , but my back got so much worse, and the acne would really hurt. When I was 22 I decided to see a GP first he prescribed Doxycycline and two t