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  1. I have used Panoxyl before. If I do recall right they have the aqueous based BP and the alcohol based BP. I don't remember exactly which one I picked but it may have been the aqueous one. Does it work? Yes it did work. However The drying was more than the moisturizer could handle. It led to flaky skin. When I used it my acne was on full throttle, I wanted a gel to do the regimen and Panoxyl was what (gel) was available. It did convince me that the regimen works. Other panoxyl downsides It
  2. Just to let you guys know, you can get a good 7 or so applications if you cut the base of the bottle(8 oz) and scrap the inside. You can keep the bottle in an air tight ziploc bag during this time. cheers, wikil
  3. The current tube/bottle is good for me, I have no problems with leaks or opening the tube. A pump will spell trouble for AHA. The pump for the BP is tends to leak during air travel and the application gets messy when you have to open it up and bang it out like Dan suggests to get it all out. Plus the pump stops being effective with a lot of product to go, I have been banging it out for 3 weeks now(single application per day). I feel for those with sensitivity to even slightly varying product q
  4. It has also helped me with those around the hair line. Seems to be a common place for those types of bumps. They are not real acne, I don't know what to call them, but they could be same as Siavas.
  5. This has also bothered me, although the regimen has worked for me. I only get acne on my forehead and a few times around the temple. Those are the only areas that I apply BP to. I guess the answer is more like why do we get acne on our faces (in general) and not the biceps. Sure it is a skin problem, but it is a problem that affects only parts of ones skin. Maybe David could look into this, I don't know if he has. Why not all of the skin? The answer could help the fight against acne.
  6. First of all, I started with the regimen using Dans BP just about 2 years ago. With moderate acne, the regimen soon cleared me in the first month. However, I still got that occasional zit every two months or so. After the first year on the regimen, I managed to reduce my application to once a day with ALMOST no change in good results. I was happy until about 4 months ago when the single application stopped being adequate and my results started deteriorating gradually. I bumped up to 2 applicati
  7. The burning will most probably subside as your skin sores reduce.
  8. Hope this is the right section for this. I've noticed that the blog page ( http://www.acne.org/blog) has an errant script that consumes 100% of my cpu, slowing down my browsing etc. Users with dual core CPUs core may notice this since it will only eat upto 50% of their cpu. I briefly looked through the code but couldn't be of much help pin pointing the exactly source, it is probably a flash thing( I've ruled out javascript). Hopefully somebody more savy can look at the issue.
  9. 2.5% BP is definitely less irritating and drying than 10% BP. The most likly explanation for your case is some ingredient other than BP in On-the-spot is not liked by your skin. I did use acnefree sometime in the past and my skin had no problems with it, but since I was not doing Dans regimen, the results were not impressive. Go ahead and try Dans DP, the general consensus here is if BP helps your acne then use Dans BP as it is the most pleasant BP to apply. This is especially true when you are
  10. The eye area is very sensitive to BP yet usually not acne prone. I got a drying condition in this area even though I wasn't applying any BP directly. You have to take extra care while applying moisturizer so as not to glide over the eye area after the areas to which you apply BP. OR you could spice up your moisturizer with a drop/two jojoba oil. I use pure cocoa butter(the hard stuff) as my moisturizer and I don't get this problem anymore.
  11. BP does not bleach the skin. The culprit is almost always the moisturizer/sunblock.
  12. It is easier to apply a lot of Acne.org BP gel as the regimen stipulates than with the on-the-spot BP. You should definitely give it a try. Depending on how much BP you have been using you may not need to start of with a little BP. Either way, you should be able to rack up the BP within a week, at most two. My view is, if your acne isn't severe and it can be controlled by BP, then the Regimen will work and always will. You have already had some positive results with BP, just get the Acne.org ge
  13. Yes it does work. Any good BP product you use as instructed by the regimen will give you very good results. However, there is not one single BP product that is as pleasant to apply as the acne.org(Dan Kerns) one, more specifically so when used in large amounts as the regimen stipulates. The cleanser and moisturizer are just an icing on the cake, if you have a preferred cleanser or moisturizer you can keep using them. But, be sure to check out the site and find out more about the cleanser and mo
  14. I just received my first gel in the new pump bottle, and although it looked cute, the shipping had caused some leak around the visible pump neck. Others have similar claims. So, I decided I would not give the pump a chance. Having used the tube for about a year, I checked around and I had four empty tubes. A quick look around and I came up with a solution to transfer the Gel into the tube. What you need 1. Old BP Gel tube (Should be clean) 2. Q-Tip/cotton swabs (With hollow stem/tube) 3. Pair o
  15. I don't know about the non inflammatory acne, but it worked for me when it came to white heads. Since white heads and black heads are just different phases of the shame thing, it should work for black heads too. It is very worth trying out.