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  1. Hey everyone, fairly new to acne.org. Figured I would write on here. Currently have been doing subcision/filler treatments on my body area. I have done 5 now and my scars are getting pretty close now to being if not flat pretty close to it. Because the body takes a lot longer to heal than on the face, usually my recovery time take a while before everything is fully healed. My last treatment I did Jan 14 so almost 3 months, went very aggressive, scars improved a lot but there is still light brown
  2. ya i feel like those laser treatments only work if your scars are very close to being flattened, I have that same issue. A lot of my scars have come up but unfortunately theres one that seems to be taking forever. The prices dont seem to change either depending on the amount of scars you doo
  3. just wanted to know if anyone knows any good dermatologists here in Toronto? I have done some subcision/sculptra with dr lemckert in hamilton on some scars on my body area and have seen some good improvement plumping the scars but wanted to start doing some laser treatments for texture/pigment. Was looking at rodger shortt in oakville but cant get a consult til 2023 which is insane