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  1. Hi, I just to tell you my story and offer up some experience about the products I have used in the past and am currently using. I have mild yet very peristant acne. Not just whiteheads/blackheads, but deep rooted pustules and occassional cysts that will take weeks-months to disappear. I call it mild because it tends to all be in 1-2 very confined areas - my cheeks and sometimes my chin. I started using Dan's regimen a few years ago. The only problem I have is that I could never get t
  2. Hi, I can relate to to you because my mum was the same. I have struggled with her criticism for years and my dad was like yours and wouldn't intervene. My mum is ridiculously beautiful and I always felt like a disappointment next to her. As time goes by, I am starting to learn that her criticisms come from her just wanting the "best" for me and for me to look and be the best I can be. But at the end of the day, what she thinks is "best" are her standards, not mine and I decided to just s
  3. Thought I'd be clever and add a high factor sunscreen by Nivea to my working regimen. It took me sometime but I am pretty sure now that this is the reason my acne came back with avengence and it's been taking almost a year now to clear. I am so worried, all I want is to have clear and healthy skin for my wedding day. I have nine months, and feel so much pressure to look good. My mum and sister in law are stunning by anyone's standards, have zero skin problems and are really into maint
  4. I've got the old bottle of BP and AHA (these have a thick consistency and the AHA balls up). I tried mixing the two together first and then applying it as the "treatment" step in DKR, and it makes a runny, almost slimy consistency... and I got to tell you, it works so well! More effective then I have found BP or AHA alone. It is almost like it "melts" the spots down. I am really happy with it. I am not sure if it's ok to mix the two (?), but so far so good.
  5. You know what, from what I've read this sounds like BULLYING plain and simple. And I really feel for you because DP is getting away with it because she has no-one to answer to. It's such a shame that your Dad's partner does not or cannot see the kind of behaviour her daughter is doing...Maybe she's just lost control of her? Or sometimes, because DP may try and justify her behavior by accusing you of having done things to her, ppl see it as a dispute/argument and not the reality of what it is.
  6. Ok So things that made my acne worse: - 1. Poor diet - too high in sugar, not enough anti-oxidants in my diet. 2. Make up/Not removing make up before sleep - Liquid Foundation WILL always clog my pores, no matter if it's non-comedogenic or not... the only thing I wear (if I wear any foundation) is Lily Lolo minerals now. 3. Picking (the wrong way, or messing it up)! Leads to red scars, bloodiness, soreness... infection.... It's been almost ONE YEAR since I started the Regimen and I am s
  7. Hi All! I'm from the UK and use Dans Regimen and AHA which has been brilliant - I'm flying out to Toronto later this month and I know the weather's going to be alot colder compared to over here... I just know my skin will get really really dry... So my question is really - how do I cope with the cold weather? Reduce BP? Increase the moisturiser? Should I use more or less AHA? What changes have you had to make to your regimen to cope with the season change? Any tips from any one of
  8. Hi IMO, I don't think the acne.org cleanser alone would be enough...really it's use is for cleaning and preparing your skin for the BP... it doesn't penetrate clogged pores and unclog them or anything as far as I know. Will just remove top layer of dirt and oil. I personally would use a gentle cleanser then some treatment - be it BP or AHA or a combination (then moisturise, as needed). Or maybe even Salycilic Acid as treatment - dependant on what works best for you. Why don't you let
  9. Dans cleanser is very good and it's cheap but it's gets too expensive for me to pay for everything from america so I use: - 1. Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Wash (3 for 2 at the mo!) think they are £2.99 each 2. Dans BP 3. Dans AHA (+ oil of olay with spf if needed) i do this twice a day plus zinc and cod liver oil + A,C,D supplements 1 cup green tea and 1-2 green smoothies a day (occassionally do the acv + water thing) it seems alot when i write it out but it keeps my compl
  10. I will always love Nothing Else Matters by Metallica...the first opening bars of guitar are beautiful!! I just heard Superwoman by Alicia Keys and lovin it.... I ... AM... A.... SUPERWOMAN... Yes I am!!
  11. hey i had to reply to this one... i come from a similar background and understand both of your sides. family pressure can be so intense sometimes, if she has really rushed into this without even really loving the guy then can u imagine what she's going to feel like every day of her life knowing she settled like that? especially when it sounds like she had the real deal with you... she may never be truly happy again...what a sacrifice for pride and family and religion... but then again u do
  12. ooo me likes this thread: - I have to agree Light Blue by D&G is awsome here are some more that I love: Lacoste Pour Femme Cool Water Davidoff Euphoria CK Lancombe Hypnose Hugo Boss Deep Red Ralph Lauren Romance Ultra Violet mmm... as you can I have alot of perfume... there's a few more, Falling in Love by Philosophy is nice... just as a side note - how do u girlies apply ur perfumes and where?! i used to spray direct on chest (big no no, i'm so dumb) because i would come up in l
  13. i've been thinking and my decision is not say anything, it feels selfish but she's a beautiful, sweet girl and i only jus met her so i have no place saying anything...i mean i'd never tell someone to lose weight and quite frankly we shud get to know people for who they are not what they look like... if we become better friends and she brings it up i will happily chatter away but until then i will jus be my normal goofy self - we had a good laugh and girly chit chats bout guys and stuff... so i'
  14. i've been lucky because i had mild acne which dans bp and aha sorted out ... now i'm clear and any1 i meet now prob wudnt tell what my skin was like last year... although for some reason i can't let go off this site and will continue posting reviews... anyway yesterday i made a new friend whilst out, she looked like a beautiful girl, unfortunately had moderate to severe acne under her liquid foundation... i desperately wanted to bring up acne.org just in case she hasn't been on here and maybe s
  15. Happy Belated Birthday!! Glad you had a good one!! Am loving the new AHA! Am pretty much totally clear, thanks to your products and advice on this site! Thank You!!! (& Woo Hoo!!)