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  1. After 2 years of treatments, acne scar has improved ?? i feel like there’s uneven volume on my temples and cheeks ?? is it due to acne scarring ??
  2. In between subcision and microneedling treatments , is it okay to have ipL’s to reduce skin tone and redness ?? or does it affect skin healing? thank you
  3. 8 Jan - Microdermabrasion 16 Jan - Injection keloid (right) Injection Left 23 Jan - subcision and microneedling 9 Mar - co2 fractional 29 Mar - subcision , microneedle , filler 17 May - subcision , microneedle , filler 9 July - Ablative laser 2 August - injection keloid Left 12 Aug - Injection left 23 Aug - Photofacial 6 sept - Microneedling 4 oct - subcision ,
  4. Yes , i appreciate the help but scar - wise , do u think my temples are tethered or they look normal ? After having these scar treatments improved , im always looking for more to improve its just a syndrome i guess to perfection Having this yellow patches around my bruises is this normal or the area around it is also improving ??
  5. i had 4 in totals yes , i also add fillers , result is good for cheeks now need more for temples
  6. Just done bruising from subcision My main concern in atrophy : cheeks and temples Do you think my temples are atrophic and concave ? Do i need more fillers as well and how many more times? Would like some suggestions on that , Thank you
  7. whats NAD pills? and what collagen supplement is good for scars ?? Do u think pills can help acne scars ? Btw i had fillers before then lasers and ipL i think lasers n iPL can disolve fillers and cause fat loss : results depends on each person for me lasers heats up my fat on face
  8. what treatment do u use ?? and how long do u think our scars will get significant improvement? im om my 4th and 5th subcisions but still got a way to go
  9. Just done my 4th subcision in 9 months : with microneedling and lasers in between This time its : subcision + fillers + microneedling? So would u recommend facial chinese cupping after subs ?? can it affect the fillers or microneedling as dr have alr injected fillers all over my atrophic scars ? And is it just a myth or it can help with not retethering ?
  10. Yes im doing subcisions at the moment focusing on the temples.. Im giving 2-3 months between each treatments Can i add fillers every month without subcision ad well ? to boost facial volume as well as stimulate collagen or it is better to pair with subs everytime?
  11. Do u have any recommendations of makeup for men ? not too thick but can blend the bruises What brand and how to suit the colour of skin? thank you
  12. Yes i would like to focus on the rolling and boxscars first.. I did subcisions before and the downtime is 2-3 weeks of bruising Is there any alternative ? maybe infini or rf microneedle which can be solved within few days.. cant have brusing face for weeks
  13. Yes i will do subcisions with fillers asap but do i need fat transfer as well? can give a huge boost in volume or go for fillers a few times instead ? And what should i target more : which area ? i kind of feel whole face depressed in some way and my dr here dont have tca cross so what should i do ?
  14. These are pictures with angled lighting.. Can show these scars more closely , the scars are shallow mostly but loss of volume is what i see all the time.. My jawline is quite huge so , loss of volume in temple and cheekbones really is showing so planning on restoring back as much as incan Not textural but bumpy skin caused by irregularity of fat loss that is not balanced.. 1. What do u think? and what is the optimal treatments that suit me best ? is filler enough o
  15. Yea theres good improvement since the start of accutane for me But , for personal reasons , rolling scars n tethered scars is more prominent .. In the pic is not shown very clear like 3D , i have quite shallow scars and no deep ice picks but quite broad rolling scars and tethered and that makes the assumption of loss volume or loss fat but its just anchored scars Thats why , im still down , low self esteem and finding the ultimate treatment for that problem