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  1. Yes i will do subcisions with fillers asap but do i need fat transfer as well? can give a huge boost in volume or go for fillers a few times instead ? And what should i target more : which area ? i kind of feel whole face depressed in some way and my dr here dont have tca cross so what should i do ?
  2. These are pictures with angled lighting.. Can show these scars more closely , the scars are shallow mostly but loss of volume is what i see all the time.. My jawline is quite huge so , loss of volume in temple and cheekbones really is showing so planning on restoring back as much as incan Not textural but bumpy skin caused by irregularity of fat loss that is not balanced.. 1. What do u think? and what is the optimal treatments that suit me best ? is filler enough o
  3. Yea theres good improvement since the start of accutane for me But , for personal reasons , rolling scars n tethered scars is more prominent .. In the pic is not shown very clear like 3D , i have quite shallow scars and no deep ice picks but quite broad rolling scars and tethered and that makes the assumption of loss volume or loss fat but its just anchored scars Thats why , im still down , low self esteem and finding the ultimate treatment for that problem
  4. oh yes , i think a bit of filler is good enough , yea will do subcision and filler again soon From my pictures above , can my side faces cheeks , temples be realistically improved? not hoping for smooth face like before but a almost smooth is what i want.. im a guy so a bit of scar wont matter as nobody have flawless skin without makeup but im hoping for the best result possible Is there hope? im gone through 7-8 months , i need some motivation or target for me to re
  5. Hi From what i achieved after 8 months of treatment is less scarring and superficial texture but volume and fat seems to be the big reason and my face is not symmetrical after having acne for years.. how to fix it ?
  6. what do u mean by jawline cannot be perfect ? can it be visually better soon? in a few treatments now it seems lumpy and red , affects my face overall complexion
  7. Ohh i see... What about steroid injections to the scars ? is it harmful if done too much , done a few times already.. or IPL photofacial instead ?? for me , right side of jawline improved a lot , in realtime : its almost flawless , just looks bad at angled photos
  8. Hi , this is my current situation after several subcsion , ablative and ( injections to hypertrophic scars ) what is my next stepp? and what should i do for hypertrophic scar on my jawline ?? THANKS
  9. Yes I currently have done sciton ablative laser Whole face bleeding : how long is the downtime normally?? And Should i do more of ablative or go back to needling ? Got a package of 2/3 x ablative from doctor every 3 months Thanks
  10. Oh i see.. Mine is not all covered but textural and fat loss is a problem Might go for fat grafting 1x next week and will update pictures later for reviews
  11. Yes Most of temples and cheeks covered with scars.. People do notice when i interact How is it to you?
  12. Yes , thank u for ur reply Yes , thank u for ur reply Currently , im having fat loss atrophic in temples mainly and some in cheeks boxscars and rolling mainly on cheeks and temples Done few subcisions , microneedling and fillers Next procedure / Treatment : would like a big improvement for once then go back to routines Would u suggest fat grafting to make at least 50% improvement ?? or just microneedling n subcision for now ?
  13. Suffering from acne scars due to accutane dosage last 2 years ... mainly , rolling and boxscar : temples and cheeks Some of the pictures were after subcision treatments , How should i go from here ? and what kind of treatment is suitable and how long for good improvement ?? Thanks