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  1. Hello again, so I finally set up an appointment with a Dr who I think will best suit my needs. Her website has an entire section dedicated to acne scars and has spoken about the gratification she feels when helping acne scar patients so I believe she is somewhat of a specialist. I plan on meeting her on 6/27. The website talks about the use subcision and filler as well as the following energy devices; fraxel, eMatrix and Vbeam. By the time I see her the oldest of my scars will be 4.5-5 months ol
  2. So I've been looking into different at home methods to treat some acne scarring (rolling on lower cheek and some deeper boxcars on the upper cheeks) and I came across this article. I typed iontophoresis into google and lo and behold the first thing I see is a device on Amazon for $25. I already have Retin-a .05% and was wondering if anyone has come across this method. I can't find anything written about it on here but the results seem promising (flattening of the scars in 80% of people who tried
  3. Hi BA, So I went to my regular derm today because they also have a practice in NYC with lasers (they have eMatrix) to discuss my options regarding the scarring and my decision to not take the accutane. He said that my face is coming along nicely and if it flares up in the future accutane is still an option. When I spoke to him about the options to treat my scars, he noted that the marks are still red and that it takes collagen a long time to fully heal. He prescribed me Retin-a (.05%) and
  4. Hi, I just have one final question for you. I posted the same picture I sent you originally on RealSelf a few days ago and got a couple answers from Drs on there. They seemed to unanimously suggest subcision and fractional lasers. Do you still stand by your recommendation of eMatrix? I feel I am more inclined to listen to you over them considering we have been able to talk pretty extensively and you help people with acne scars on a daily basis. Regardless, thanks again.
  5. That’s how it should be. The only person who really cares about them are the person with them. Glad you are enjoying life more now
  6. Thanks again. I just called Dr. Geronemous office and booked an app for July 1st. The receptionist just said it could be up to 2k per treatment, I'll hold onto the app for now but still look for other options. I've come across Dr. Michele Green who speaks specifically about eMatrix RF and there's no way her prices could be higher than Geronemous so I'll give her a call as well. Is skill of the practitioner something I need to be overly concerned with for laser treatment? I'm sure both of these D
  7. Ok thanks so much. I honestly hope its not fungal because I believe the acne has already scarred and if it was I had the stuff to treat it all along in my bathroom, but no derm ever mentioned that as a possibility and I saw 3. In the beginning it was just red bumps and very itchy and the strangest part is that it was only on the right side of my face. But now that that ship has sailed regardless, I am going to try and make an app with Dr. Geronomous since I've heard he's the best with lasers and
  8. Hi, I forgot the PW to this account so I tried to reach out to you on another thinking this advise was over PM and lost forever so I apologize for the inconvenience. But how many subscision treatments do you believe I should do before looking into ematrix or rf needling?
  9. I only took antibiotics for my acne for like 2-3 weeks about 3 months ago. I didn’t stick with it. I actually do have seb derm but it hasn’t really flared up in a few years, it was way worse before when my skin was flawless. And in the beginning my skin was very red and itchy but not anymore and I still get pimples (but much less frequently) how can I tell if it’s fungal acne?
  10. again, thanks for the advise. My only concern is I’ve done a decent amount of research on the subject and thought that any treatment would be bad because accutane makes your skin weaker and less resilient. Has there been new evidence to support the idea that treatment on accutane is safe? It’s not that I don’t believe you because you are very knowledgeable but it’s just not something I’ve read myself.
  11. Your results are really good man I’m glad it worked out for you. About the rolling cars, is subscision a good treatment option?
  12. Thanks for taking your time to help me. The only thing I’m suck on is my derm wants me to start accutane because I still have the occasional breakout that hasn’t responded to any other treatments. It’s my understanding that If I go on accutane I can’t do anything to treat the scars during the course then like 4 months after. This would essentially make my scars a year old by the time I can have them revised. I really don’t know what to do, can you give me any advise?
  13. Sorry I don’t really have a better picture. But as you can see the marks are still red, and I was told they’re easier to treat at this stage.
  14. I recently broke out in cystic acne around 3 months ago and while the breakout is under control I can already see the development of rolling and boxcar scars. I’ve been doing a lot of research online and came across Dr. Davin Lim who I think may be the absolute best in his field, and he recommend people to make an account on here because it’s a great unbiased resource. He specifically mentioned the moderator “beautiful ambition” who I am hoping respond to this thread. So basically my derm wants