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  1. I started using Sudocrem a while ago, and was delighted at first. It seemed miracolous on my red marks the next morning. However, I then went into the bathroom and washed my face and,, Oh no,,,, all the benefits went down the sink. My question is, has anybody had Sudocrem produce a permanent improvement on your red marks? Its great at camoflauging the marks, but can a topical ever truly affect red marks, which are composed of vascular tissue deep down in your skin? If anyone has an answer, ple
  2. I was thinking about this, and i think the reason it works is nothing to do with the vitamin content, but rather with the fact that your skin is well moisturised while using the vitamin E oil. I've heard of people having similar results with Vaseline or aloe vera gel,, same principle,, intensely moisturised skin heals faster.
  3. I'm using Nicam as well, and I love it. Have you tried mixing it with a small amount of water before applying? It completly eliminates any drying effect and makes it easier to spread while maintainig its efficiency. i posted some info on Nicam here Nicam
  4. I have the exact same problem, all along the right hand side of my face, particuraly along my jaw line. But I move about a lot when I sleep, so I dont see how the pillow case could be a problem. BTW, dont use Centrum. I used to use them, and they contain quite a bit of iodine, which is one of the worst things you can take for acne. Select a few important vitamins and minerals like Vit C and zinc and take them seperately. Works way better.
  5. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...17707&st=20 Is this the article you mean? It doesn't actually say that nicotinamide is antibacterial, it says that it is more effective at controlling acne than clindamycin, an antibiotic. This means that it's anti-inflammatory and sebum reducing effect are as effective as clindamycin's antibacterial effect.
  6. Whoa, some people get pissed off too easily. A lot of the people are giving the guy who posted this a hard time, but he doesn't deserve it. He didn't add his own comments initially, but thats no excuse to attack him. Back off The article is interesting anyways, and to a certian extent, I agree with its general warnings. I highly doubt you can find a single respected, and qualified nutritionist who would agree with this notion that drinking lots of water detoxes your body. That is utter bullshit
  7. Zinc is a good anti inflamatory, is useful for skin healing and may even have some antibacterial and sebum reducing qualities. Its a good all round supplement to take, and it's dirt cheap. Take two 25 mg tablets, one in the morning and one in the evening. Be careful using zinc if you are on antibiotics, as they can interfere with each other. Zinc is not a miracle in a pill, there is absolutly nothing that will completly fix your skin in one day, but zinc is definitely helpful. Go for it!!!
  8. Nicotinamide is definitely useful for acne control. Its anti inflamatory effect works great on pustules, and studies have also demonstrated it can reduce sebum production, similar to Accutane. However, I think you may have made a mistake when you mentioned its antibacterial effect, which so far as I know, doesnt exist. I wrote a post about using nicotinamide recently. Take a look NICOTINAMIDE If you know of any articles or studies demonstrating nicotinamide's antibacterial effect, please leave
  9. Baking soda is a base and aspirin contains salicylic acid. When you mix an acid with a base, you get water and a salt. Simple chemistry. Both baking soda and aspirin are useful for acne treatment, but dont use them together. Dont even use them on the same day, as you will irritate the hell out of your skin. And avoid pure alcohol, you will destroy your face. I've tried all these harsh treatments in the past and let me tell you, dry, peeling, scaly, red, angry, inflamed skin is much worse than
  10. Hey, just wanted to make some information available about a great product that is working for me. It's nicotinamide gel, usually sold in a 4% concentration. I am currently on Minocin antibiotics which have worked great in stopping inflammatory acne, but I still get a lot of of whiteheads. I was given nicotinamide gel by my doctor, but stopped using it after a week, as it was extremely drying on my skin, even more so than BP. Then, I read someone on this site who recommended mixing it with a smal
  11. This should be pinned, very useful and contains lots of useful stuff.
  12. Wash your face, put on your BP, wait at least half an hour then moisturise and then another half hour and apply sudocrem. I know it seems like a long time, but I find if I apply everything in one go, all these "non clogging" ingredients combine together into something that is quite the opposite. Its best to give everthing time to settle before adding in the next step as the skin can only absorb a certain amount at a time. Its worth it though, the zinc in sudocrem is great for healing.
  13. Probly leaving this a little late, but am headin off to Spain tomorow, and need some advice on retinoid usage and the sun. Obviously, they dont mix well, so should I stop using it while over there? Im hoping that Nicam Gel, jojoba oil and maybe a bit of BP will keep me reasonably clear for the week, and a copious intake of 70% absynthe will stop me from noticing it anyways!! One last question, if I'm off the Retin A for a week, how much of its benefits will i lose? Retin A is something you nee
  14. As Wynne said, retinoids are not a spot teatment,and they will do little good the way you are using them. Spread a thin layer over all of your face, its the only way. Some people had bad experiences with retinoids, but if youre careful, and apply plenty of moisturiser (jojoba also helps a lot) they can really help.
  15. Been on isotrexin for about 3 months, and have a few questions. Isotrexin has 0.05% isotretinoin and 2% erythromycin. Is 0.05% really effective or should I ask my doctor for a higher dose? I very rarely get any of the peeling or redness that everybody else seems to get, but I dont get any of the good stuff either. Has done nothing for my red marks which is why I was so excited when I first got it, I heard it was good for them. Also can anyone tell me of the best ways of applying it. I've tried