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  1. What are the procedures when it comes to accutane staying in your body? Got a party next week and want to drink more than the odd pint ive been staying on for months. I was on 60MG.
  2. face washes which dry out your skin maybe? the strong stuff? sometimes you cant help the oily ness its what makes you, you.
  3. generally happens if you have a baby WHILE on accutane, seeing as you are unlikely to, then no it wont cause defects in your later age.
  4. Give it a while, see if it starts getting really bad, give it like 1 or 2 months . and try to control it by what your doing or older reigiems .
  5. this is a big problem for all of us, i finish next week and ive had this problem, and i even had my corner of the lips crack and stopped me smiling. i used vasline i dont know if they have that where you live, but in the UK its popular. just keep moistering your lips else they will get worse! Remember its only temperary!
  6. I finish my course next week and im on 60mg a day. What should i expect the docotr to say about me drinking? and i mean more than a few beers?
  7. i back those too, but its hard not to think about your skin.
  8. Your Skin doesnt look terribly bad you know. You have dark skin so it conceals them much better than mine, which i tend to be more pale. Redness shows up much worse.!
  9. windskissbg, i know its tough, but be patient. Remember, accutane works and reacts differently to every person. It also depends on your dose, how bad your acne is and alot of other factors. If you have quite bad acne then give it a few months to really make some drastic changes, i think i have only just started seeing real changes after 3 months as i just went up and down constantly.
  10. You generally have an appointment, then another to have blood tests, then another appointment then so on. It depends on where you are and what you and your derm decide to do.
  11. i would suggest you still swim, theres nothing wrong with that, just not too often. my Derm didnt say anything about swimming, so i would, when you come out, take a full shower to get the chlorine off your skin. Thats the best option if you wish to swim.
  12. Yeah, its very important not to pick your skin, as the tablets, no matter what dose your on, WILL make your skin more fragile and each persons skin reacts differently so it may be , for you, more fragile than others! Hope it gets better soon!
  13. I would leave the acctuane to do the job. Seeing as it makes your skin more vunerable. I know you probably want to "aid" accutane and help it work quicker, but just give it some time to do its job, its different for everyone.
  14. im sure you got smashed before on accutane, surely thats not helping your liver one little bit? Im sure i read a post about it .. Im going to get a liver scan just to make sure ive done nothing to my liver , as if i did, i can treat it asap.
  15. I would'nt, your skin becomes increasingly fragile to scarring and anything you put on it. I would just wash of a morning, and evening (if necessary) with water only,and let accutane do its job.
  16. Drink lots of water , everyone reacts differently, what dose are you on exactly? and how long left do you have? Only recall having redness within the first few weeks.
  17. So, I drank last night, and these are what i felt.. I had like 1 beer, 2 Amaretto and Cokes (liquer) and another beer but i only had like 1/4 of a pint. And after the first pint i just felt sick didnt want no more, but this was spread through the night, and then it really dehyrdated me. And i never got tipsy or drunk on these tablets, and the last time i drank was a few months back when i started and again i never got drunk then. I spose i dont drink enough because im too worried, but i go
  18. Yeah it will do , pretty much any acne in your system for that matter
  19. Yeahh i weigh 125 pounds which is nothing either. So lets see how it goes. Ill have something to eat but i wont mega fill my stomach.
  20. yeah but surely, less drink = less strain on your liver and if yu get tipsy its a bonus. On an empty stomach tho !? oouchh.
  21. What do you guys think to this, i was speaking about it the other day with a friend. So say , if you want to go out and enjoy your self on acctuane at a party, yu just wanna feel relaxed maybe a little tipsy but not totally drunk or futher than that. My friend goes. Do you think its safer for your liver to A: Eat lots of food before party and drink throughout the night like spread it out. so it absorbs slower but in turn you get tipsy slower, so this would mean more drinks? Or B: Stay on a
  22. Ok so i didnt know how to work the topic title. But say. if i take a tablet today 60MG (3 20's) how long would i take till i need to take my second lot the next day ? kinda like saying how long does it take to absorb into my system and then ask for the next lot of tablets to be consumed?