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  1. i have a few pink marks i would like to get rid of (dont we all) and im wondering whether any of the fading creams actually work? i spotted them at the pharmacy the other day, one has pictures of a woman with heaps and heaps of red marks on her face/chest...and then her again with no red marks in sight at all after "just 12 weeks". what im dealing with is nowhere near as serious, but id like to give it a try. however, it was $20-$40 for a tiny bottle, so feedback, anyone?!!
  2. hey hobo, i take the egg yolks as breakfast, and then when im eating fruit i periodically have a couple unshelled almonds. this is how i interpreted i have to do it, correct me if im wrong! i had something like 6 apples, 2 bananas, a big handful of strawberries, 3 kiwifruit, 3 oranges, 1/4 pineapple.....today. wai says to eat heaps, im pretty happy doing that and find i dont feel either full or hungry. normally i would be lucky if i consumed that much fruit in a whole week. and some of my frien
  3. thanks hobo. ive been having raw egg yolks and i actually find them quite delicious i always have my eggs runny so it wasnt a big gross-out for me. i have a few kinds of apples, bananas, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, rockmelon, avacado and lemons waiting to be consumed...and i plan on getting some kiwifruit, pears and passionfruit...(mmm) i cant find any kind of unshelled nut anywhere at the moment, so i have shelled, raw whole macadamias and brazil nuts from a health food company that i
  4. so true. whats sad to me is, if you take away the thousand dollar clothes, layers of make up, and perhaps some photo doctoring, then these are for the most part, everyday, normal looking people. we are striving for the unattainable. if we all had our own personal stylists and make up artists, we could look just as good.... my pet hate is those dumb high school shows, where you are lucky to see so much as a freckle, even on the 'dorky' characters! not that imperfection should make you an outca
  5. Thanks for the response Im at the end of day 1 and all i can think about is food....
  6. has anyone given this one a shot? at the start of the year i was on a really strict diet where i would rarely allow myself any processed foods/anything with flavourings/preservatives/etc. most dinners i had a salad, and i drank loads of water. my skin got better but i wasnt cured. so i have some evidence that diet affects my skin...but im not sure what foods. i have since strayed away from this diet because the results just werent radical enough for me to justify stressing about food all the tim
  7. well, nothing to report yet. i bought some sesame oil, ergh. so i have everything now.
  8. Ok I went out and bought vitamin C anyway- 500mg tablets 2x day. Btw...since Im not taking brewers yeast i asked a chemist about niacin, when i couldnt find it they told me it had been taken off the market cos it was dangerous? lol
  9. its all so scary im on brenda...same thing as diane. id never heard of it before it was prescribed for me. after reading some of the feedback on it...im not all that excited about it anymore. does anyone have any negative feedback on yasmin?
  10. hey hatch, didnt work...thanks for trying tho! id still like the info if u wanna try again.
  11. 5-10 minutes depending on how awake i feel...i dont really have a routine, except that i always wear mascara. when i have something active, i usually just leave it alone. healing red marks i cover with a dot of concealer, and then blend with a little liquid foundation, which works for me. I have a very fair complexion thats almost impossible to match anything to...so for me less is more. i may wear eye shadow, eyeliner, lipgloss etc depending on my mood if i need to, i can be out the door in 30
  12. hey dreamjob, i went out and bought some vitamins today. i havent got everything for this regimen just yet, so ill start out on what i have, and when the containers run out, add stuff in depending on how everything is going. this is what im going to do for the next month or so... - b complex 2x day - vitamin e 2x day - cod liver oil (capsules) 2x day - zinc 2x day... would this be excessive? they are 22mg tablets... so the things i am lacking from the list on the site are niacin, vitamin c and
  13. thanks for the link lookingtobeclear, ive been trying to find that info.
  14. hey hatch im in qld too. wats the product name? all natural sounds good to me.