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  1. hi emotion, glad to hear you're doing so well. you look great! i recently found the perfect chapstick. it's called polysporin daily lip protectant. it has a yellow and purple label. when you first put it on, especially on really rough dry lips, it will clump. the trick is to lather it on (clumps and all) before bed. when you wake up you will literally be able to peel away the dead skin and re-apply onto smooth new skin. once you've shed the dead skin all you have to do is maintenance. i re-a
  2. hi emotion, glad to hear everything is going smoothly. i just got back from the derm as well about an hour ago. she said the exact same thing, "you're responding well". we decided to go with 2 month prescriptions for the remainder of the course. so i have month three and four at 80mg covered, see her again in may to get another two months worth and that's that. by june i should have a cumulative dose of 13600mg or 176mg per kg. which should be more than enough. i have a feeling month three is g
  3. hi andrew, i understand exactly where you're coming from and believe me i took the exact same cautious approach when i was doing research myself. i would strongly advise others to do the same. the thing is andrew, it didn't take me long to realize that there's a definite disconnect from the "street data" i was reading/hearing opposed to actual quatified "scientific data". i'm not downplaying the risks nor am i dismissing a "potential" link but for some ppl merely reading about a bad experienc
  4. hi sarah, i don't post here too often but i see these kinds of threads so often i wanted to throw my two cents in. have you ever layed in bed thinking to yourself "i'd do anything to get rid of my acne"? i have. i think most of us have been there at one point. well what if someone told you "i can give you an excellent chance to beat it, possibly forever. in return give me 6 months where you have to put up with some minor annoyances". most ppl would take that deal in a heartbeat. well this is b
  5. pros: by starting low you might minimize or delay the "onset" of side effects but it won't prevent it. eventually you will have enough accutane in your system and eventually you will dry out, get red, etc. cons: nothing really but by gradually decreasing your dose in the latter months you unnecessarily prolong the treatment. what's the point of decreasing in month five and six when you've already been on 60mg for month three and four? why not just stay at 60 and shave off a full month of treatm
  6. wow. imho i think you have more realistic things to consider, more specifially reigning in your ignorance. educate yourself on the HIV virus, how it developes into full blown aids, the statistics, the likelihood, prevention, so on and so forth. perhaps more importantly try to understand whether or not ethnicity plays any parts. here's a clue. it doesn't. no single ethnicity is genetically predisposed to the HIV virus. i'm surprised so few ppl even acknowledged the op's crude statement. lol, we'r
  7. hi emotion, i'm glad to hear your course is going well. we both have the best days to look forward to. according to my derm (and most ppl who've been on tane) clearing really ramps up in the third month. my course so far has been entirely predictible and anti-climatic. i did a tonne of research before committing to tane and understood everything that could happen so it's been exactly what i expected. right now i'm still alternating 40/80mg but will go fulltime to 80 in a few days. as for the dr
  8. hi emotion, i've decided to follow your log closely since we both started around the same time / dose and i'd like to gauge my progress along with yours. regarding your increase in dosage, i wouldn't hesitate to self diagnose yourself purely dependent on how you feel and what you're comfortable with. i have a tremendous amount of respect for my derm (health professionals in general) and i know she is looking out for my best interest, however no one has a better grasp of my day-to-day physical
  9. hi amber, i take the daily recommended amount. 400-800 IU of vitamin E and 250-500mgs of milk thistle. as for fish oil i take anywhere from 4-6 grams throughout the day. you don't have to take vitamin E or milk thistle with food but i usually do just because it's convenient. i take my fish oil with accutane to help absorption but not all at the same time. you might want to try something like this: breakfast: 400 IU vitamin E, 250mg milk thistle. lunch: 2grams fish oil dinner: accutane, 2 grams
  10. hi meggie, buy a big bottle of omega 3, the "good" fat. take it with your biggest meal of the day.
  11. hello everyone, i'd like to share with you the conversation i had with my derm yesterday. it was my first ever consultation with a derm and i asked many questions that i was interested in. hopefully this may provide a few answers to forum members. vitamins: i've been taking vitamin supplements for the past 3 months and have experienced positive results. i asked my derm if anything in my current regiment would affect the efficacy of accutane or have any adverse health effects. her answer was a
  12. hi manhunter, i just had my first consultation with a derm yesterday and i asked the exact same question. she said there is nothing one can do to significantly improve hyperpigmentation while on accutane. she said this is something i'd have to tackle several months after my course. i was told to wash "gently" with the most bland cleanser i could find. she recommended cetaphil and aveeno ultra calming. while on vacation i'd slather on the moisturizer spf 30 or higher. the wind and reflection o
  13. thank you everyone for your support. i appreciate it tremendously. nvranka, we all have something in common in that we've all been negatively affect by this disease one way or another to varying degrees. we can all relate. interestingly enough, acne has in many ways made me a better person. sindrellah57, you pretty much nailed it on the head. it shouldn't hinder us but ultimately it does and often times much deeper than one might give credit. to me this is the real kick in the face. it slowly
  14. hi everyone. i've been browing this site on and off for a few years and have recently decided to join. i have never spoken candidly with another person about my acne up until 3 hours ago. througout the years i've always kept in the shadows but was never comfortable enough to participate until now. regardless of age, race, sex, background, i've always felt a kinship with the members of this site and have gained tremendous knowledge from ppl who have shared their trials and tribulations with the h